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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 11th September 2007

Are serviced offices the best answer to business requirements?

Nowadays, serviced offices are seen as the best solution to the requirements of start ups and SMEs. But is it really true?

Few years ago, it seemed that serviced or managed offices were not the answer and businesses did not feel like moving into an office space where everything is managed for them. Now though the attitude towards it has changed.

Serviced or managed offices seem to be the best comprehensive support to businesses, especially start ups and SMEs. From law firms to IT companies, including financial institutions, serviced offices are now the most popular. But what are the advantages compare to the conventional offices?

First of all, there is the cost saving. Serviced offices offer an “All Inclusive” package, with simply one monthly payment to make. Also, choosing a serviced office tends to reduce the total costs by up to 55%. With conventional offices, the running costs get really high and businesses will have to manage all the services like maintaining, equipping and staffing to get the business running smoothly. Flexibility will be high and the price will be too. But what about the flexibility for businesses within these managed business centres?

Serviced and Managed offices are a great resourceful approach for any businesses. Flexibility is the number one advantage. The space rented will be ready to move in with furniture, internet and phone access. Also it usually includes a managed reception as well as secretarial services included in the monthly payment. A lot more services can be available, depending on the business.

Serviced offices can be found directly with Business Centres or Office brokers listing a large amount of serviced office space. SOS Worldwide Plc is one of them as well as the pioneer of this market in the UK. Richard Smith, the Managing director, explains the high flexibility with serviced offices: “With one simple monthly payment, businesses can get so much out of serviced offices. It is cost effective, and businesses can get a short to long term lease, moving in or out within no time. These kinds of offices are flexible to the business requirement. Businesses do not need anymore to adapt their business to the office. SOS clients are always satisfied and if they expand their businesses they always come back to us”.