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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 23rd April 2009

Cost effective & environmentally friendly office space? Look to the UK serviced offices industry for hope

In the current global recession, the environment is maybe not an overriding concern for most businesses. Having an eco-friendly business and office is usually associated with more cost and with most companies currently looking at cutting costs, making an environmentally friendly office space may get pushed way down the agenda.

Despite these preconceptions and the global downturn, the serviced office industry has maintained its environmentally aware attitude offering hope to those trying to fine cost effective offices while maintaining cost savings. With Earth day this week, here at Search Office space, we thought we should introduce some serviced office space operators in the UK with the environment at heart, proving you can be green and actually save money.

Based in Leeds is Icon Business Centres, situated in one of the largest UK business parks. This office space provider offers the greenest serviced offices in the UK with the highest BREAM (The Environmental Assessment Method for Buildings around the World) ranking in the entire industry. Built from sustainable resources, the building uses rainwater for sewerage systems and combined heat and power for a substantial proportion of the buildings energy needs. This truly is a green office working environment.

Another provider Avanta, one of the leading UK serviced office operators, is also one of the most economically aware in the UK. Back in December 2008, Avanta started an eco button campaign within all their centres, installing buttons which are power saving devices for PCs, when the user is away from the workstation. By using these, the serviced office space operator is able to save an average of 34 tons of CO2 for approximately 500 computers. They also placed recycling in all the break-out and kitchen areas, encouraging the tenants to do their bit while at work for the ecology.

Several other centres have started to follow the routes of Icon Business centre and Avanta, however, investing capital in going green is probably too ideological for many in a cost conscience economy. But as more and more businesses seek to find green alternatives we hope to see the serviced industry become a leader in providing affordable, green office space.

Through the recession, only few businesses would invest in passive air handling systems, solar panels or even rainwater recycling systems as it would require a huge outlay of capital that companies are not prepared to invest as yet. However, the current office solution offered by the business centres such as Avanta and Icon is not only eco-friendly but can also cut costs, which is actually the best compromise businesses could find in the UK market today when looking for offices to rent.

So with Government stimulus packages going to greener companies and initiatives in the medium term we may see more green conscientious businesses. Serviced offices not only offer cost savings over traditional lettings, it looks like leading the way in a greener working environment and thats all good for our wonderful planet Earth.

Written by Emily Mouquot, Marketing Director.