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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 20th November 2007

4 Simple rules to go greener in your office at no cost.

Nowadays, we should all be increasingly concerned about our environment.Many people in the UK have now recycled at home for years; however, recycling in the office is not that common. Companies are using a large amount of paper, electricity, cartridges, and do not think about recycling everything or reducing the use by implementing some simple rules, that will not cost a penny. Here are some of them, the 4 easiest and hassle free rules to go greener in your office:

Manage your energy use

Many companies leave computers and lights on overnight. This actually increases the gas emission at work. To go greener, the first and simplest rule is to switch off your computer at the end of the day as well as turning the lights off in the office once the last person is leaving.

Use less energy for your commute

If you switch to public transports, like biking, buses or walking, you would be able to reduce the gas emission. This is the 2nd easy step to go greener at work, or actually on your way to work. Also, by using any of these public transportation's, you should be able to avoid the traffic!

Recycle your office waste

Recycling in the office can be very easy. You could easily do it with paper or cartridges. You could add some bins around your office especially for paper and cardboard and keep your empty cartridges and donate them to schools or other organizations.

Reduce the amount of rubbish you discard

To reduce the amount of rubbish you discard, especially in the office, the double sided printing is the best answer. Instead of printing your email on two pages, you could print on each side of your paper. In a few months, you will actually see the decrease of paper waste as well as a decrease of your paper spending. Going greener in your office can actually save you money!