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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 11th February 2014

5 simple steps to make you more productive at work!

In an ideal world, the minute we get to work and sit at our desk, the productivity would flow. But - and I know I’m not speaking for the minority when I say - it often doesn’t. Infact, we are all guilty of procrastinating to a certain extent, checking our Facebook feeds for the last time or making sure we have a fresh cup of tea, before we actually settle down to work.

Here at SOS, we want to help you get the most out of your day so we’ve put together your five step plan to help you be more productive at work and it all starts with your desk…

Brighten things up with a bit of greenery

In 2013, Chelsea Flower Show did a series of experiments to prove that having plants in the office were good for different aspects of working life. They concluded that 38% of people were more productive if they had a plant on their desk… And as a bonus, plants also give off oxygen, giving you a breath of fresh air without you having to leave the office.

Get some natural light

Working by natural light is definitely more pleasant and is proven to make you more productive. In a study by Mirjam Muench in 2012, when workers in natural light were compared to workers in artificial light, those in artificial light were significantly more tired and less alert.

Get some photos up

Why not put a photo on your desk of loved ones, friends or a great holiday memory. When your mind’s blank or you need a second to yourself, use it as inspiration to keep you going!

Tidy desk, tidy mind

If you always tidy up your desk at the end of the day, you’ll arrive to a tidy, calm desk the next morning. If your folders are labelled, things are where they should be and there’s no clutter, you’re sure to get to work quicker.

Make a to-do list

Lastly, have a to-do list. Most of us have a never-ending stream of work. If you write it all down before you leave work and get it off your mind, you’ll enjoy your evening, sleep better and be able to pick up right where you left off in the morning – no need for a ‘where do I start’ frenzy!




Your desk is where you spend so many hours a week that it’s worth putting these simple steps into action in order to get the most out of your working day. Why not give them a go and let us know which bits work for you!