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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 02nd May 2014

6 reasons to locate your business in Hong Kong

At the end of 2013, it was announced that London had unseated Hong Kong as the world’s most expensive office market. London’s landmarks and prestige are known far and wide, but we don’t hear as much about Hong Kong. So we decided to do a little research into the former champion’s location and see why Hong Kong has such sought after space; what makes this city so special? And here's what we found...

  • Good food

This Jaunted article shows you some interesting and delicious looking foods that Hong Kong specialises in. You’d be silly to assume it is typical Chinese noodles, as the area has loads of variety and, for me, their egg pancakes look unmissable… As most people live in small living spaces in the city, there are many street stalls and markets selling ready cooked food, so living here is fuss-free!

  • Festivals

The Hong Kong community host many annual festivals, such as the Dragon Boat Carnival. If you visit the Victoria Harbour, you’ll witness the world’s top dragon boat athletes partaking in three days of racing, with a BeerFest going on alongside it, on dry land, for spectators. It’s, basically, a more relaxed and sociable version of the Cambridge and Oxford Boat Race?

  • Sports fix

If you’re more into your stadium sports, the Hong Kong Sevens takes place annually. Having started in 1976 and with 22 countries taking part, this is one of the biggest events on the cities sporting calendar. It is well known for having a fun party atmosphere, with a lot of fancy dress involved.

The Peak Tram, Hong Kong.

  • Take in the view

There are some magnificent sights in Hong Kong, such as ‘The Peak’. One of the most prestigious areas in the city, you can climb it by funicular railway and experience the shopping, bars and restaurants of The Peak Tower, at the top. With incredible views over the city, this is a fantastic site to visit over and over again to remind yourself just how beautiful Hong Kong is from above.

  • Safety

It’s refreshing to hear of a city this large, in which you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on your possessions and feel on alert. With one of the lowest crime rates in the world and a good spread of security around the city, you can be relaxed and rest assured when travelling the city… or when snoozing on the tram!

  • The city

Hong Kong centres its amenities around the demands of the working people. For example, the shops are open late into the evening – when 9-5 workers are able to visit them and the city has put systems in place, such as air-conditioned walkways, so people don’t have to be in such an uncomfortable rush, all the time, when travelling from A to B.

I feel that we’ve only scratched the surface of this fantastic city. It’s no wonder that this location is sought after for employers and employees alike, with a beautiful setting, a relaxed and safer environment, than other cities of its magnitude, and a way of life designed around traditional workers’ needs. I’m not sure about you… but I’m considering the move now!

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