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Lisa Green
Lisa Green
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 10th July 2015

A Healthy Office Space Equals a Healthy Mind

Some of us thrive under pressure and can even find the stress of it all, motivating, but if the pressure becomes excessive it can lead to what’s known as work related stress. Once that stress becomes too much, it can affect our home life as well as our work ethic; it is said that over a million people in the UK suffer from work related stress in a year.

The Statistics

To maintain a healthy mind it is important to create a working environment that allows your employees to flourish, which will benefit you as the employer in the long run. The Stress Management Society state that work related stress is the biggest cause of illness within the UK. Statistically it is said that over 105 million days will be lost to stress each year, which will in turn cost UK employers on average of £1.24 billion. If you think that the stress levels within your organisation are becoming a risk management issue, then try alternating your employee’s surroundings.

Helpful Tips

Making your office work space as comfortable as possible for your co-workers is an absolute must. It sounds obvious but the little things like air conditioning, heating, running water and light are exactly what your business needs to create sound, body and mind. Natural light is the number one, natural stress reliever, allowing your body to boost your natural serotonin. The Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne deduced that the serotonin levels in our body are directly affected by the amount of sunlight we receive. Serotonin affects sleep pattern, memory, mood and appetite; without the correct levels of serotonin many people are left depressed and anxious, leading to poor work ethic in the office.

Decorative displays within the workplace are also extremely beneficial. Health care professionals have recognised art as a type of therapy, leading many workplaces to strongly rethink their décor and even add art collections to their work space.

People in general are largely sociable creatures, and without interaction with other members of the team, morale can take a downward spiral. Communal areas are often tremendously beneficial, relieving stress, anxiety and also creating a great working relationship between staff members. Communal kitchenettes, with seating areas will allow everyone to feel 100% relaxed and refreshed after their lunch break, allowing work productivity to bloom throughout the work place.

Many offices are now equipped with their very own gyms, allowing employees and clients to exercise their stress’s away. Health care advisers suggest that regular exercise can act as a stress reliever, and also boost those feel good endorphins we so often hear about. It’s important to be healthy inside and out, so obtaining regular work outs will also help with your physical health, leading to better state of mind.

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