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  • 4 Minute Read
  • 12th November 2018

Client in the Spotlight: The Miles Partnership

At Office Freedom, we’re innovating the way people look for workspace and part of this process involves building lasting relationships with our clients. Every month, we’re shining the spotlight on some of the companies we’ve helped find the perfect office.

Our November installment focuses on The Miles Partnership, an executive and board level search, interim management and leadership consulting firm which has maintained its position at the top of the profession for over 20 years.

Like Office Freedom, The Miles Partnership works with businesses across a range of industry sectors, both in the UK and globally. As a growing business, they found themselves in need of a new space - a space that would properly meet their requirements and reflect their image as a professional and innovative organisation.

We had lunch with TMP’s CEO, Chris Stainton, shortly after they moved in to find out more about what makes their new workspace special.

The Miles Partnership Reception

Reception area

Hi Chris! So, what prompted The Miles Partnership to move office recently?

The desire to grow the business to be London’s biggest executive search firm for specialists in the Digital, Life Science, Finance and Industrial sectors, so we needed to be able to facilitate this growth with a flexible office solution.

“After going down the serviced route, we’ve vowed never to sign a lease again!”


Whilst our previous space was great in that it impressed clients and candidates, the costs were staggering. Business rates alone were 15K per month and we had to pay for all the extras on top of the rent - from broadband to tea & coffee.

Making the decision to move into a serviced office was a strategic one. We knew it’d enable us to cut costs and manage risk more effectively. It also means we’ve got the flexibility to scale up or down within the space. As you can see from the pictures it’s also visually stunning - our clients and coworkers love it.

The Miles Partnership office breakout space

Inspirational interiors

After going down the serviced route, we’ve vowed never to sign a lease again!

You worked closely with David Garson, one of Office Freedom’s directors. How would you describe working with David?

Working with David was great. We met at Office Freedom’s HQ in Mayfair and he was business-like, candid and trustworthy throughout the entire process. He took the time to really understand our needs as a business and explored the pros and cons of various London locations.

Viewing different offices with different styles and aesthetics was a real learning curve. In the end, what attracted us most were the corporate-yet-contemporary spaces that were more in line with our brand identity.

To be honest, I’ve never done something so important which has gone so well!

Of all the office space options out there, why did you choose LEO Park House in Mayfair in the end?

The office we found is fantastic and miles ahead of the others we saw. Even though we’ve only moved half a mile from our old office, it’s like we’ve moved to a completely different city. We’ve got our own gym and access to new bars and restaurants. We should have done it years ago!


“Moving office has had a really positive impact on the culture of the firm - there’s a huge sense of pride…”


We’re all really pleased with our new workspace. It’s an upgrade in terms of look and feel and we’ve saved thousands on our occupancy costs.

The Miles Partnership office interior

Naturally lit workspaces

What’s the best thing about your new office?

As well as being a beautiful environment, our new office has changed the way people work. We’re utilising the communal and shared areas much more than we expected to for catch ups, discussions and brainstorms.

Moving office has had a really positive impact on the culture of the firm - there’s a huge sense of pride and camaraderie. We’ve also had fantastic feedback from our clients who love it.

The Miles Partnership office breakout booths

Comfortable breakout booths

We’ve organised a family day at the office taking place at the end of November (with Father Christmas coming in!), and a festive trip to Selfridges and Winter Wonderland.

Describe your new space in five words or phrases…




“Curb appeal”

“Wow factor”

What’s next for TMP – do you have anything exciting in the pipeline?

As a growing business, we’ve got lots in the pipeline. We’re expanding into the Leeds market in June 2019 and will be in need of a serviced office that’s within a 5 minute walk of the station. We hope to have up to eight people working in our Leeds team initially.

~ TMP’s mini guide to Mayfair ~

The best place for...

Coffee with a client:

Our own office actually - there’s a lovely coffee bar.

Lunch with a friend:

It has to be our trusted favourite, Ask.

Drinks with coworkers:

Definitely Boisdale of Mayfair. It’s even got its own cigar terrace!

A spot of shopping:

Always Selfridges - it’s a three minute walk away from our office.


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