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  • 1 Minute Read
  • 20th February 2017

Coworking and shared office space: what’s the difference?

Coworking’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and business centres continue to be a popular choice for companies who need a workspace on flexible terms.

In the second of our blog posts on tricky office space terminology, we aim to unpick the differences between the seemingly interchangeable coworking and shared offices. Aren’t they the same?

Well no, not exactly.

The first differentiating factor is where you’ll find them. Shared offices are usually housed in serviced business centres which offer other workspace solutions, like private and virtual offices. On the other hand, coworking spaces tend to offer just that- coworking space in open plan layouts.

coworking and shared offices

This shared office in Neal’s Yard is spacious yet private.

coworking and shared offices

Hackney is a popular spot for coworkers- this London Fields hub is home to more than 800 desks.

Coworking versus Shared offices

Comparing the 2 types of workspace

The similarities

With both options, you'll have unlimited access to your own workstation. Note: cokworking is not the same as hotdesking, which operates on a rota system.

Although coworking more so, both operate on flexible terms, with agreements starting from 1 month. It's best to check with each provider to see what their minimum term is.

Both are fully furnished and all-inclusive, meaning you don't need to spend valuable time or money on buying furniture and installing broadband. In most buildings, a receptionist will meet and greet clients.

The differences

The number of people. Typically, you'll be cohabiting with around 5 others in shared office - potentially dozens in a coworking space, which is great if you want to collaborate and network.

Coworking spaces are committed to building a community in which people can share and learn from each other.

Many of the larger coworking providers offer Memberships, which allow you access to their other locations, as well as networking events and discounts on things like gym memberships.

Still a little confused? Read this article to gain a bit more insight.

If you’re looking for a shared office, a coworking space or would like to explore both options, feel free to get in touch with us today and we’ll arrange viewings at both.

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