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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
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  • 02nd November 2016

Creative Office Spaces in London

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Entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives and startups: you’ll find them all cohabiting and collaborating in London’s co-working and office spaces.

These are the nuclei in which technologies are invented and concepts realised. More often than not, they’re highly creative environments, attracting people from all sorts of industries and professions: a true networkers’ paradise.

Stripped back interior designs, open spaces and authentic features make London’s co-working spaces aesthetically pleasing places to be. Flexible leases provide the freedom to scale up or down as circumstances change.

Here are some of our most creative offices and co-working spaces in London - if you’d like to see them in the flesh, give us a call and we’ll arrange a viewing for you.

1 Fore Street, Moorgate

Innovative startups flock to WeWork’s co-working space near Old Street; it is as much a thriving community as it is a workspace.

It has all the inclusive amenities expected from a serviced office, such as state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and furnishings and goes the extra mile to create a real culture of collaboration.

The interior glass walls make it easy to connect with (and perhaps snoop on) others. Weekly events, micro roasted coffee and *free beer* add to the social vibe.

Key Features


  • Weekly networking events



  • Modern IT network



  • Micro-roasted coffee, Purified Water and Free Beer!



[caption id="attachment_20638" align="alignnone" width="580"]1 Fore Street, Moorgate Work in comfort in stylish breakout areas[/caption]

The Shard, London Bridge

The view speaks for itself, don’t you think? The Shard is one of London’s prime co-working locations and at 1016 ft. high, it’s worth shedding a lifelong fear of heights for.

Keiron from The Office Group says ‘this is an iconic building with an undisputed reputation, but what some don’t realise is the interior isn’t corporate but design-led, creative and warming.’

These offices occupy levels 24 and 25 of the 28 floor structure and the floor to ceiling windows provide you with a panoramic perspective of the city.K

Key Features


  • State-of-the art conference facilities



  • Prestigious address



  • Stunning views across the city



[caption id="attachment_20640" align="alignnone" width="580"]The Office Group at The Shard The Shard stands 309.6 metres (1,016ft) tall[/caption]

68-89 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington

When you walk into 2 Kingdom street, the sense of community spirit is the first things you feel and this is far from accidental.

Leo from Central Working explains: “Our genuine support network is made up of other people like you, running businesses, having problems, all helping each other by sharing their experience and knowledge.”

Plant life and artwork line the walls of the spacious auditorium; the design and fittings are both stylish and ergonomic. You can even indulge in excellent coffee on site, courtesy of the well reviewed Store Street Cafe.

Key Features


  • Natural, Spacious work environment



  • If you haven’t made you a relevant business connection within 30 days, then they won’t let you to pay for the first month!



[caption id="attachment_20641" align="alignnone" width="580"]68-89 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington A hive of creative collaboration[/caption]

Tagwright House, Old Street

Located on the periphery of the iconic Silicon roundabout at Old Street, The Boutique Workplace Company’s co-working space is smack bang in the middle of a business hotspot, making it great for emerging tech startups.

Director, Daniel Wheble comments, “Tagwright House is our first co-working space in Central London and it certainly wont be our last. It has added another dimension to our product and service. Located just off of the Silicon Roundabout, this site stands out from the crowd with it’s boutique design-led space attracting creative companies looking to stand out in their industry too.

Due to high demand we are now converting an additional floor in the building to accommodate further hot desks, as well as private offices”.

The area isn’t short of fuelling stations either, and by that we mean coffee shops. Head to the Shoreditch Grind, itself something of a co-working space, for an bona fide roasted coffee and well-earned break.

Key Features


  • Well Located in London's 'tech hub'



  • Private office space in addition to collaborative work areas



  • An old school phone booth and magnetic scrabble! Win.



[caption id="attachment_20644" align="alignnone" width="580"]Tagwright House, Old Street Edison bulbs with a twist[/caption]

News Building, London Bridge (near The Shard)

This distinctive structure and co-working space is home to some of the biggest publishing companies in the business, from The Wall Street Journal to The Sun. Executive offices and co-working spaces are available in this premium listing.

It’s The Shard’s older sibling: shorter, yes, but no less sophisticated.

Key Features


  • Amazing views from the roof terrace



  • Located near the many restaurants and cafes at Borough Market



[caption id="attachment_20645" align="alignnone" width="580"]News Building Regus A contemporary co-working space[/caption]

Think your business can grow in one of our co-working spaces? Arrange a tour with us.

Co-working today: the numbers

Source: Global Co-working Survey- UK

The trend for co-working has been on an upward trajectory for the past few years. Flexible leases, collaborative environments and additional perks make it an ideal solution for freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs alike.

SOS Co-working infographic