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Andrey Tikhomirov
Andrey Tikhomirov
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 05th September 2018

Finding the perfect private office or flexible coworking space - a directors guide.

There are thousands of private, co-working and flexible office solutions out there. But, how do you find the perfect fit for your business and employee's needs?

Finding the perfect office space is unbelievably important. But don't worry, we're here to help!

We've used our 25 years of expertise to compile a directors guide to finding the perfect workspace.



Selecting a central location is the most important decision for any prospects. You will also have to ask a few questions too: Is it close to a station? Does it have a good infrastructure for commuting? Is it easy to find? Does it have a variety of options for lunch? All these questions are easy to answer by visiting each property of interest and are key to finding the right spot, you want to cater (pun intended) for absolutely everyone, it’s key to a happy workplace.

In terms of potential clients and investors - is it in a location that's easy to visit for them? Where are your industry-leading investors based? Are you in a location that caters to your industry?

Check out our locations page to find the area that suits your needs!


The amenities within a co-working space are essential. You must have the essentials for your business type: admin facilities, virtual office addresses, meeting rooms and access to tea and coffee. Also, it’s great to chuck in extras to keep your staff happy: library, cafeteria, lunchroom and sometimes even a “nap room”. Our top 5 amenities to enquire about to ensure you get the right space. These are:

1. Parking – it’s never really seen as an “extra”, but it is essential – ask if parking is included, or if it costs additional – however it can take the stress out of a morning commute knowing parking is readily available – key for clients visiting as well!

2. Events – a coworking space is a key hub for networking – you will have an abundance of talent close by, what better way to meet these people than attending an event – it’s these connections that are essential for businesses to thrive.

3. Printing – Is it readily available? Is it included in the package? Does it cost per page? Is there a set allowance?

4. Meeting rooms – These are very important, especially for meetings with potential partners or clients. You want them to look the part. Asking about the space, max capacity and the technology that is on offer is key. Also, find out the plan. Is it pay by the hour? Is it on a token system? Is it free? These are key to finding the most suitable meeting rooms.

5. Food and drink – What is available in-house? Readily available tea and coffee are usually a given, but some do charge extra for the service. These are the basics you should provide for a workforce. There is nothing better than an 11am coffee and break to pick up the energy levels.



The design of the office is key. No one wants to work in a dark, dingy office – you need an abundance of natural light. The natural light will improve the focus of the workforce as well as increasing efficiency. The should be motivating and positive; it should have a fresh design that creates increased productivity within the space to communicate. The design should be relatable to your industry, if you are a legal entity you wouldn't be looking at a shared workspace with a lot of open space – you would be looking for a bit more private. However, a creative agency would want space, lots of natural light and room to build exciting campaigns - also, if you spend much of your time engaged in deep creative thought then findings suggest yellow may stimulate creativity.

Don’t worry though, you are in safe hands. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants will be on hand to identify the best offices to suit your needs.



The community is one of the most attracting factors when we choose any co-working space. The community should share your needs and personality. Finding like-minded inhabitants is key. You want motivated, creative individuals who can help you and you can help them. For instance, if you are a media company, it would be best to be in a creative hub rather than a legal focused hub and vice versa.

Also by having similar communal interests will attract industry relevant events and co-working



While looking for co-working space you need to look for somewhere that offers benefits and promotion to your team. Find somewhere where it is possible to expand - as in the long run, you will look to save on price.

To find your perfect co-working space call one of our excellent consultants on 0203 740 8984.