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Rahul Parekh
Rahul Parekh
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 13th May 2019

Future Office Space - What will your office look like in five years time?

Offices are changing. For the better. We think this is what future office space will look like for the next generation of workers.


Sitting somewhere that isn’t your desk is where the inspiration happens. Swings are a great alternative, so are brightly coloured beanbags or if you really want to be different, those ones that spin until you throw up. And why sit when you can stand? Standing desks are for those who like to feel like a giant and survey the office, while you can really show off on a treadmill desk.

Places to sleep:

Gone are the days where you have to set an alarm to take a quick nap in the loos leaning your head on the toilet roll dispenser. Now we have hammocks, sleep pods, or a full-fledged tree houses with tepees and someone playing soothing bamboo pipes.

Walls of inspiration:

Walls are a giant canvas full of potential. A chalk board for writing insane ideas down, a curved wall for bouncing a ball off, or simply pictures of unicorns dotted around, it can all be the inspiration that the staff need.

Drinks on tap:

Whether it’s posh beers with names like Gremlin Dusk or Glitter Dragon Blood, a simple orange or apple juice, or an actual prosecco tap, for the new workforce, ending a busy day has to come complete with a glass to look forward to.

[caption id="attachment_27649" align="alignnone" width="580"] Close Up of Cold Beer Tap (Selective Focus Point)[/caption]

No plain tables:

Not satisfied with having a normal table in their office, the future is now for all tables to be an experience. A small net turns a regular boardroom table into a ping pong affair, add a few pockets and pool can be racked up, and a train track can easily be hooked around a laptop. Who needs to pass the stapler to their co-worker when a train could take it for them?

A fun gym:

Ways to exercise in the office become much more important. Why not get a race track carpet so you can race that one annoying person in the office and beat them, instead of walking to the printer, space-hop there, or there’s always the potential for goat yoga.

Games galore:

Gamification is applying elements of gaming such as competition, point scoring, and a variety of rules to encourage and engage. This will always motivate a team. Plus a retro game of Pacman wouldn’t go amiss.

[caption id="attachment_27647" align="alignnone" width="580"] Diverse People Happiness Friendship Bouncing Ball Concept[/caption]

A dog:

Every office needs a dog. And preferably someone in charge too to take it out for walks and make sure it's not cocking its leg onto someone’s new Topshop handbag. Petting a dog is proven to reduce stress and blood pressure too, also dogs make more financial sense as they are tax free. That last part is what you tell your board.

[caption id="attachment_27648" align="alignnone" width="580"] Black Frenchie sitting on chair by computer on table[/caption]

Food selection:

And this isn’t just your usual cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps. The more unique, the better. Have you ever tried beef and candy floss pies? Or cupcakes with aubergine icing? You’re clearly missing out.


Coffees that have more ingredients than your average stew. And think about presentation too. Selfichinos are now a big thing as why would you not want to drink your own face. A pretty colourful insane straw to take pics for insta can go down a treat. Or a half-soy nonfat decaf organic chocolate brownie iced double-shot frappuccino extra hot with foam whipped cream double blended upside down, just for the show offs that work for you.

Air conditioning:

Because you know, global warming. And the air conditioning pipes have to be on display, otherwise what is even the point.