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Georgia Emily Austin
Georgia Emily Austin
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 05th November 2021

How to Attract the Best Talent to Your Office

Challenges in Attracting and Retaining Employees

As of July 2021, the unemployment rate in the US lies at around 5.4% of the working population, compared to 4.8% in April 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Similarly, unemployment rates in the UK are estimated at around 4.5%, which is 1.3% lower than the start of 2020.

Although the rising rates of employment are beneficial to economic growth on the whole, it has reignited competition between companies to fill office jobs with experienced employees. To attract highly skilled employees, businesses must now go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd, while meeting the needs of the modern office worker.

Even after hiring new team members, employers need to ensure that they are doing everything they can to retain their core staff and avoid continuous turnover, which can be costly and time-consuming. Some estimates even suggest that in senior-level positions, one employee departure can cost 200% of said employee’s salary, making it vital to ensure that your business is attracting the best talent around, and offering incentives to increase retention rates.

Building a team of expert workers is possible when you know how to promote your company in a way that appeals to your target employees, while also catering to the needs of existing and potential team members. Here are our top recruitment tips for employers so that your business can benefit from having top talent in the office!

How to Attract Experienced Employees

Develop a Business Brand to Attract Skilled Workers

In a sea of businesses in need of employees to fill office positions, it is paramount that you stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t just mean creating a catchy slogan and unique logo for your business; you need to have a mission which addresses a cause that is relatable for your target employees, thus motivating them to join you. Demonstrating your company’s dedication to aiding contemporary issues is an excellent way to attract the most passionate and forward-thinking workers, and is sure to draw job-seekers to business through the vast amount of office positions available.

Offer a Fair Salary

It is unlikely that skilled employees will even consider applying for a job if the salary is inadequate or lower than similar jobs on the market. Even if you’re experiencing financial setbacks, offering a fair salary is one of the most effective strategies to attract new employees, and is sure to pay off once you begin building a team of expert talent that can help boost your business’s productivity, and therefore profit.

Offers Employee Incentives and Rewards

While the majority of jobs in the business sector now offer the basics, such as a certain amount of paid holiday and health care, it often proves beneficial to introduce more unique incentives to attract employees to your company. Prioritising employee mental health is becoming ever more important, so demonstrate to potential team members that you will actively support their well-being by offering incentives such as a free gym membership, or access to expert help.

The employee experience within the office itself is also important for well-being, so offering daily perks such as free coffee or snacks on the job is a great way to instantly indicate your dedication to meeting the needs of your team. If you offer potential employees rewards that they won’t get with any other job, it instantly affirms to them that you are committed to improving the employee experience and addressing the needs of your staff, making them more likely to apply for a position at your company.

Create Contemporary and Comfortable Office Space

Although it may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to attracting highly skilled employees, office design and interior decor are vital, particularly during the interview process when your potential new team member will get their first impression of the company working environment. Whether it’s introducing beautiful artwork to the office space to create a calming atmosphere or investing in comfortable chairs to help improve employee productivity, appealing interior aesthetics are essential when it comes to attracting employees.

No business wants to spend a fortune on rent for an outdated and unattractive office, which is why flexible office space could be the best option for growing companies looking to expand their pool of skilled employees without breaking the bank. Flexible offices are guaranteed to combine functionality with stunning contemporary design, while also reducing the area of unused space that often comes with traditional office spaces, meaning they’re sure to appeal to the modern worker while also being more financially efficient for you.

If flexible office space sounds like it could be for you, Office Freedom has full access to thousands of workplaces, which are fully furnished and available for short or long-term rent, both nationally and internationally.. No matter what your budget, we have a space to suit everyone.

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