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Nelson Hernandez
Nelson Hernandez
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 30th March 2020

How we can help you achieve savings, preserve capital, reduce office costs and overheads

In a new world with new priorities we can help you achieve savings, preserve capital, reduce office costs and overheads

One of the key reasons for this is that flexible workspace offer a number of financial advantages over traditional leasehold space.

The ability to preserve capital is a critical requirement nowadays as businesses do not need to budget for fit-out, set-up costs nor capital expenditure.

Unlike leasehold property, there are no dilapidations costs and no obligation upon exit to return the office space to exactly the same state as when you moved in.

This cost is easily overlooked at the beginning of a lease but weighs heavy when you need to exit the space.

Flexible workspace comes fully furnished with IT and comms equipment installed. It’s a plug and play environment that’s ready when you are.

Monthly overheads such as utilities, security, reception services and cleaning are all covered under one all-inclusive invoice and are based on a per desk rate, so you only pay for the space you use.

Your office is your office ie private, self-contained space, not shared with anyone – the only space that’s shared is the communal areas so loved by everyone: break-out spaces, meeting areas, event spaces, gym, library, roof terrace etc

How choosing Office Freedom can save you money

The Office Group

How choosing Office Freedom can save you money

Office Freedom agents are natural born negotiators with a “save the client as much as possible” mentality instilled in our DNA by entrepreneur, Richard Smith, our CEO and Founder.

We do not charge a finders-fee, but despite this, we also provide a free negotiating service, in other words, once you have chosen the space that you want, then comes our favourite part of the process.

We start negotiating the terms on your behalf and work on reducing the rent and other benefits such as rent-free periods and flexible terms. We lead the way when it comes to negotiating great deals.

How choosing Office Freedom can save you money

The Office Group

Flexible and agile workspace

Flex offices are agile spaces. You can upsize or downsize at short notice meaning that whether your team is expanding or contracting, the space you need can be adjusted to suit.

This saves the costs of moving, fit out costs, agent costs, legal costs.

Flexible workspaces come in all shapes, sizes and types. There is no universal one size fits all approach. Whether you need regular office space of any size, hot desks, coworking space, private offices, managed space or a hybrid solution, all options are available. Customised and bespoke spaces can be provided where required and can be rented on flexible terms.

Contract flexibility is one of the main attractions of flexible office space. Workspace can be rented on short-term or longer term deals, where greater savings can be leveraged.

This is particularly appealing where businesses are unsure of the future or wish to mitigate financial risk.

How choosing Office Freedom can save you money


Other benefits of Flex

Even before the Corona Virus, flexible workspaces (aka serviced office space or coworking) have grown rapidly in popularity.

Start-ups and SME’s have always loved flex – but nowadays large corporate and enterprize companies have also embraced flex because todays spaces are fit-for-purpose.

The sector has received massive investment and is now full of predominantly unbranded space that can accommodate small or much larger requirements, providing high-end contemporary space with state-of-the-art robust technology, amenities and facilities that are ideal platforms for nurturing and retaining existing staff and attracting the best new talent.

Today’s flexible workspace provides a habitat that supports staff wellness and welfare that helps companies become happy and productive places of work.

How choosing Office Freedom can save you money


Compare the entire global flex market in one place

I’m sure you’ve heard of providers of flex space like Wework & Regus but they are 2 out of hundreds of providers worldwide. We list them all! With Office Freedom, you can compare the entire market.

You don’t need to search elsewhere, if you do you will be just duplicating our efforts and your phone wont stop with non-stop calls, messages and emails.

With us, you will have a single point of contact, working with you in a calm and professional manner.

Office Freedom are the global flexible workspace brokerage. We can help you find super-flexible office space of any size, 15,000 locations in over 150 countries and 1000 cities worldwide.

Our advice is completely independent and impartial. We’ve helped over 38,000 happy clients find their perfect office space since 1993, we are experts in this field, we’re good at what we do and we genuinely want to help.

To find out more how Office Freedom can save you money on your next office contact us today on 0203 603 2576 or complete the form here and we will contact you right away