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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
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  • 12th January 2017

Office Design Trends For 2017

WELLBEING/ HOLISTIC/ HYGGE- these buzzwords infiltrated our lexicon last year and are set to influence our workspace environments this year. Dave Carter Robbins, CEO of office furniture company Calibre Furniture predicts that “productivity and wellbeing at work will continue to drive office design.” With this in mind, we explore some of the office design trends set to shape our working landscapes this year:

Nature in the workplace

As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the digital world, our desire to reconnect with the natural one gets stronger. Already a permanent presence in many offices, plants are here to stay, and will become even more popular this year.

We’re not just talking about a lone succulent next to a computer screen: nature is being integrated in more interesting and conceptual ways, from indoor hanging baskets and air plants to water features containing resident goldfish!

We have plenty of green offices on our portfolio of flexible workspaces:

Tanner Street, Bermondsey SE1

The look: on-trend urban & historic chic with a peppering of perennials

Kingdom Street, Paddington

A green environment with community vibes

Check out #officeplants on Instagram for inspiration!


Integrating technology

Technology is in a constant state of flux, forever making our working lives easier. Most serviced offices come fitted with super speed broadband now, so what’s next? This year, expect to see:

  • Sensor data in the workplace via the ‘Internet of Things’

  • Wireless charging of devices

  • Office furniture with multimedia capabilities

Spatial awareness

Dave Carter of Calibre Furniture goes on to say that “office furniture will continue to evolve to cater for different working styles in 2017.” That includes the trend towards coworking and hotdesking in shared spaces.

A well-designed coworking space will consider the needs and preferences of all its occupants by, for instance, installing individual desks in nooks and crannies for those seeking solitude and large benches for teams who wish to collaborate.

This minimalist glass desk is stylish and practical, offering free standing storage options.

Worship Street, Shoreditch

This typically refurbished coworking space is set up for collaboration. Its stripped back design is visually appealing and also allows for personal branding.

All about wellness

Creating a working environment that promotes productive wellbeing is conducive to a happier staff body. Absenteeism costs UK businesses more than £15 billion every year, therefore there’s a financial incentive for employees to embrace the concept and taylor their design around it, especially as many employees struggle to achieve a work- life balance (and the two are not as mutually exclusive as they used to be). Some workspaces even provide onsite gyms and yoga/ mindfulness classes.

This also ties in with membership schemes. As the need for flexibility increases, workspace providers like WeWork allow their occupier members to access their other locations and offer wellbeing perks such as discounts on popular brands and healthcare, access to networking events and even happy hours at onsite bars!

...Wellness taken to the next level!

[embed width="123" height="456"][/embed]

Breakout areas are also becoming more attuned to employee wellbeing. Gone are the days of drab, corporate kitchens fitted out with the bare essentials. Welcome repurposed, comfortable furniture, plantlife, low lighting and free entertainment.

The Desk, Shoreditch

...aaand relax.

This office/ event space in Shoreditch boasts the perfect boho chillout area.

When it comes to workspace design, people’s expectations have been raised. When you walk into an office now you expect to see personality, productivity and positivity....does your office matchup?

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