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Andrey Tikhomirov
Andrey Tikhomirov
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 19th October 2018

Office Freedom - How We Make Office Search Easy!

Searching for a new office can be extremely difficult. You receive hundreds of calls and emails from multiple landlords, salespeople, companies and agencies - it's a huge inconvenience and one that is ultimately a time-consuming process.

But, it doesn't have to be this way, at Office Freedom we make your office search easy!


1. We LISTEN to you.

We take into consideration your wants and your needs. You deal with just ONE consultant the whole way through the process. It's a headache-free process - no multiple points of contact calling and emailing you constantly. Just one experienced consultant ready to understand your needs and arrange the most suitable viewings for you and your business.

2. We SEARCH over 10,000 properties on your behalf.

Our expert experience allows us to find the perfect fit for you and your needs - we have 25 years of extensive industry-wide knowledge of flexible workspace and can provide up to date properties that fit your availability, location, industry sector and pricing.

3. We ARRANGE all the viewings on your behalf.

We do all the hard work to ensure you only see the right property for you. All you need to do is tell us a time slot and we will arrange all of the office viewings that fit your specific requirements and budget. We arrange the viewings in a logical order, back to back with no time wasted on offices that you won’t love.

4. We NEGOTIATE for you.

Our 25 years of experience have meant we have built long-lasting, solid relationships to ensure you get the best deal possible! As we have built these strong lasting relationships with office space providers all over the world only we have the bargaining power to get the price for the flexible office space you love.


Contact us today, to find your perfect office!