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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 20th August 2014

Q&A with Minories, BE Offices

In August, we were very lucky to have two winners for our Business Centre of the Month Award. For the South of the UK, we had Minories, in London, which is owned by Business Environment. Below, we caught up with Nicola McGonagle, the Centre Manager, and she’s been telling us a little more about the centre.

Tell us a little about the history of when Minories was set up.

Minories was added to the Business Environment portfolio nearly 10 years ago in December 2004. The site was selected for its excellent transport links and proximity to the city making it an ideal choice for many different types of companies. Business Environment purchased the site, which was already operating as a business centre, and refurbished the whole building to create stand-out office space on the fringe of the City. The building very soon became a popular choice with customers.

What are the three best features of this office?

Without a doubt, the company and team culture make Minories what it is today. All the staff at Business Environment uphold the company’s ethos which is to provide the highest quality service to our customers and always go the extra mile. Our Service Excellence Guarantee means customers know exactly what to expect and the team at Minories are a friendly and enthusiastic bunch.

On top of this, the high spec of the offices and the buildings location make it a very attractive place to set up shop. The building is a short walk from the City and close transport links make it easy for our customers to visit their clients both locally and in other parts of the city, or indeed the country.

Inside the building, the offices are kitted out to a very high standard. Customers have access to premium-style offices, as well as conferencing and meeting room facilities, a gym and kitchenettes. The recent refurbishment to the sixth floor is proving very popular too, providing a sleek and modern office environment.

What industries do the tenants you have work in, and how does this centre work for their needs?

It’s a mixture, but for the main part we have law firms, insurance brokers and accountants. Many have chosen the location due to its proximity to clients, but also for the different types of offices on offer. Some of our clients have been with us for a long time and we’ve seen them grow from start-up companies to firms requiring office space for more than 30 people. We’ve been able to upgrade their office space and it’s so satisfying to see a customer’s business experience success like this.

[caption id="attachment_17975" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Minories team The Minories Team (l-r): Frances Singer, Patrick Murray, Nicola McGonagle, Jane Zsiboras and Rebecca Saunders.[/caption]

What have you launched new for this year?

The biggest news at Minories this year is the extensive refurbishment. The sixth floor has been completely transformed, modernising the existing product offering. The new glass, white and grey colour scheme creates a very chic aesthetic which our customers are really impressed by. Within two weeks of completing renovation we secured interest in 14 of the 17 offices, which has led to us starting work on the 5th floor to do the same.

What sets you apart from other business centres?

Business Environment is very customer centric and the company prides itself on delivering flexible and transparent services that reflect its customers’ needs.

At Minories, as with all Business Environment sites, customers benefit from transparent pricing models. Our packages are ‘all inclusive’, which means customers won’t face an unexpected bill for ‘added extras’, and there are no upfront costs easing cashflow management, which is particularly important for our entrepreneurs and start-up customers.

In addition to this, our Service Excellence Guarantee is a set of promises to which the company is upheld – it covers everything from the moment you walk through a site’s doors and are welcomed by staff to how many times the kitchens are cleaned and the water coolers sanitised. When it was launched, it was a real first in the industry and feedback from our customers has been very positive. All the staff are assessed against the promises and we have a very structured training programme to ensure all employees are performing at their very best.

Of course I’d also have to say the people at Minories set us apart from other business centres – it may sound like a cliché but customer service really is all about people. Our team takes the time to check in with existing customers and make new ones feel really welcome. I believe that’s why Business Environment has one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

And, lastly, for you, what do you like the most about your job?

I love working with my team and I get a real sense of satisfaction from delivering excellent service to our customers. I’m a people person so I get a buzz from interacting with our clients, learning about their businesses and getting an even better understanding of what they need from their office space. No two days are the same at Minories which means I’m always learning.

Thanks to Nicola for telling us a little more about the office and our worthy August winners.

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