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Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 23rd October 2013

Regeneration project promising for Aldgate office space

A project that promises to regenerate and revitalise large parts of the Aldgate area will also prove beneficial for Aldgate office space.

The Highway Changes and Public Realm Improvements Project is to address a number of issues raised by residents, business owners, and commuters.

The project is to improve working and living conditions in Aldgate, making safety and vibrancy paramount by:

  • improving cycle routes
  • introducing two-way traffic
  • improving pedestrian routes
  • introducing more greenery
  • enhancing safety for road users
  • improving lights
  • creating flexible public spaces for events, leisure, and play

Increased accessibility thanks to the revised road system promises to provide an influx of activity, whilst simultaneously reducing stress on the area's transport current system. Similarly, improved cycling facilities and safety conditions for cyclists will not only ease congestion, but prove to be a positive step in encouraging eco-friendly commuter solutions.

Aldgate Project Map

Creating a 'third place' for businesses

According to the consultation summary document published by City of London, a major agenda for the project is to address the 'pedestrian experience'. The introduction of green elements and a public plaza for arts and leisure events between St. Botolph without Aldgate Church and Sir John Cass' Foundation Primary School will provide a quality space - one that could, in time, become to elusive 'third place' many modern office space analysts believe greatly aids productivity.

The third place is a community space disassociated from the traditional workspace and home. The proposal notes the introduction of a café kiosk in the new square, further encouraging usage by office space professionals for social interaction and collaborative work.

Improved travel connections are, for the Aldgate area, essential to the area's continued growth as a centre of business. Already home to some of London's most iconic office buildings, the potential benefits derived from cutting commuter times down and introducing flexible options should be obvious to business owners.

The plan, which was met with a positive response at a recent public consultation, currently has no definitive completion date.

To read more, see the official project page.

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