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Office Freedom
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  • 05th March 2010

San Francisco City Guide

Culture & History...

San Francisco used to be a simple Spanish fishing village with a population of 400. About 75 years later, when the West Coast became US Territory, it was renamed San Francisco, after the old Franciscan mission nearby. Nowadays, the city is "the capital of the West Coast" and the 4th most populous city in the United States.



San Francisco saw a rapid growth in dotcom industries and has recovered from downturns in that same area. The city is the financial capital of the West coast and once a prime a shipping gateway to the Pacific. Montgomery Street, in the Financial District, is seen as the "Wall Street of the West Coast" and home of the Pacific Coast stock exchange.

Tourism, attractiveness of the city...

Tourism is the key industry and nets San Francisco billions of dollars each year. The cities portrayal in music, films and popular culture has made San Francisco and its landmarks recognizable worldwide. San Francisco attracts the 3rd highest number of foreign tourists of any city in the US.


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