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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 28th April 2011

SEO- Like Sex for Websites

Suren, SOS’s SEO expert just forwarded me an article titled “How to explain SEO to your non geek friends.” I’m instantly intrigued.

After a few seconds of scrolling the article, I’m drawn to the heading ‘SEO is like sex’. The following line then reads ‘If you want to explain stuff to a guy, you have to take examples that he can understand.’ The sentence is patronising and the grammar is bad, but I read on anyway.

Wiep Knol who wrote the article asks his readers, ‘Do you like sex?’ Assuming the answer is yes, he goes on to say that websites like to get traffic and SEO, and Link Building creates more traffic for a website. SEO helps ‘your website get laid more often’ he says. The semi crude nature of the post would normally make me cringe, but I like to think that he’s mocking the whole cattle market culture often found in tacky bars and nightclubs. Instead his article makes me smile.

SEO is necessary for most websites because it improves the number and quality of visitors to a site. However, these 3 capital letters also carry negative connotations and have been linked to spamming and bad content- content that isn’t particularly great to read, but the correct key words have been sneakily embedded into the text so google will rank the website higher.

As I read on, Knol started to remind me of the book, The Game by Neil Strauss- basically, a mans guide to getting more sex by saying the right things- often by being a bit controversial to provoke discussion. Despite the fact that many women dislike The Game for obvious reasons, many men have found it to be a huge success. I imagine that an SEO expert is a bit like Neil Strauss, but for websites.

One of the last headings of the article reads, ‘Link Building: let yourself be found. If you can get others to recommend you (preferably by other guys in the same bar, fighting for the same women), you’ll get noticed much sooner. A link builder makes sure that others are talking about you.’

The article ends by describing a Link Builder as having a ‘very unthankful job’ because ‘they help other people to get laid, but usually don’t have time to have sex themselves. Perhaps after huge success with his book, this is what has become of Neil Strauss.