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  • 4 Minute Read
  • 20th March 2020

Short Term Office Space

Are you looking for temporary office space in London, the UK or anywhere else in the world?

If so, look no further. Office Freedom offers an extensive selection of office spaces that are available on short-term or flexible lease options.

Our serviced office spaces are designed to meet your every business need, meaning your company can work at its full capacity while enjoying all the benefits and amenities of a short-term office space.


Why does your business need a temporary office space?

We’ve seen that businesses are increasingly opting for temporary office spaces rather than typical fixed-term leases for a variety of reasons. These short-term solutions are now common among businesses operating across various sectors and industries. Here’s why…

Benefits of a temporary office space:

1. Business continuity planning

Maintaining business continuity is a challenge when markets face uncertainty from economic and political factors, global health and environmental crises and changes in social attitudes and trends. Unexpected occurrences can have startling impacts on vital business operations and require effective planning and an efficient response in order to be managed.

Therefore, flexible rental agreements on office space provide businesses with greater flexibility and control, allowing them optimal use of resources as part of a smart business continuity strategy that enables them to operate with minimal disruption in times of adversity.

There is no greater example of this dynamic than what we have seen in recent times but it was also a key trend in our market report on flexible workplace trends, which highlighted that the increasing appeal of London’s flexible workspaces is rooted in the widespread desire to mitigate risks and retain flexibility.


2. Close to the capital

Many of the short-term office spaces available are located on the fringes of London, close enough to all the action the city offers but far enough out for easier commutes with less traffic.

We have offices in areas all throughout Greater London, including:

Offices in these areas come at a fraction of the price of renting a temporary office in London, but still benefit from an array of business amenities that are on offer in the capital.



3. Good news for commuters

Flexible offices are also available in less densely populated areas, where the spacious workplaces can be reached by foot, bike or car, with plenty of room for on-site storage and parking too. Commuters no longer need to be dependent on public transport so you can gladly wave goodbye to the days of squeezing into crowded rush-hour buses or trains.

Here are some of the top commuter hotspots with short term office spaces:


4. Regional relocation

Whether you’re a regional business in search of a new office space or a national organisation looking for new regional offices, short-term spaces could be suited to your needs. Office Freedom can help you find a space that meets all your commercial requirements anywhere in the UK.

As well as city centre locations, we also regularly place businesses in offices in city outskirts and rural locations where shorter commute times and travel by foot and car can be enjoyed. Available on a short-term basis, these locations all boast easy travel into the city centre but at a distance which offers a closer to home solution to your office requirements.

Temporary office spaces are available all over the world and Office Freedom has years of international experience in finding the right workspace for every individual business and need. The short-term option proves particularly beneficial for companies entering a new market or for remote workers with a global client base, as there are no long-term commitments or investments required. Take a look at the list of locations in which we currently have available offices here.



5. Low/no up front costs

Some of the biggest drivers of short-term office uptake are financial. Most flexible leases involve no or very low up front costs, meaning there’s no need for capital expenditure investment in the form of a lump sum payable at the beginning of an agreement. Naturally, this creates a better cash flow and can, therefore, be seen as a low risk decision that is flexible and within your control.

Similarly, in a conventional lease office, in addition to your net rental rate, you will pay extra for fit out costs, operating costs such as insurance, building and grounds maintenance, taxes, common area maintenance and cleaning, utilities and other expenses incurred by the landlord. You are also obliged to pay for the costs for dilapidations in order to return the space to its original state upon exit and may also be subject to upward only rent reviews. These additional expenses can be avoided with a short term lease on a serviced office space.



6. Fully serviced offices

Right from the second you move in, temporary offices typically come fully furnished and are serviced with facilities and amenities to suit an array of business needs. From broadband and internet connectivity, refreshment areas, breakout spaces, functional meeting rooms, conference and communications facilities and manned receptions, it’s no wonder flexible spaces are so popular among an increasing number of businesses.

Professionals no longer need to spend valuable time and resources on the upkeep of permanent premises, which can often be a costly investment that causes a lot of inconvenience and disruption. Instead, they can bask in the freedom and flexibility of finding a space that is already perfectly suited to them, their needs and their workforce.

There’s no doubt that renting a temporary office space can have great benefits and create huge opportunities for businesses. If you’re looking for a new workspace, let Office Freedom help. Contact our team on 08005244118 or submit an online enquiry and we’ll be in touch.