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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 20th February 2008

SOS New White Label is now available!

SOS is proud to introduce our brand newly updated bespoke White Label. This is a fully functional copy of SOS site technology, but unbranded, viewed by your site visitors as an excellent new and very useful tool. This data is powered, managed and continuously refreshed by SOS.

The White Label allows you to offer a listing of 1000’s of locations and Business centres. Customers will be able to source serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting room facilities from London or New York to Tokyo to Sydney and locations worldwide. For our business centre clients we are also able to customize your White Label by excluding your competitors by name and/or location.

It is a very user-friendly tool, allowing free text, intelligent search and distance based search results. SOS has also added interactive Google maps, drop down menu’s and quick links to make the search as easy as possible.

For every deal SOS close as a result of referrals made through your white label , we will give you a share of our commission. As an alternative, we are also scheduled to trial an affiliate scheme whereby we pay you an agreed amount for each qualified lead.

To enable you to track the referrals, SOS will provide you with your own personal log in where you will be able to monitor the amount of referrals that came through your website as well as how we are progressing with them. You will be able to access all the prospects details and be able to communicate with the SOS consultant that is handling each prospect.

To add this facility to your site at no cost to you whatsoever, please contact Emily Mouquot on 0208 909 5207 or [email protected].