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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 11th June 2011

SOS > Search Office Space, the Original Global Office Broker on YouTube!

search office space you tube

SOS > Search Office Space is the Global Original Office broker for flexible office space. It provides a free online and offline service for users to search for serviced offices globally.

This is a particular type of office space in its most flexible form now available in most commercial properties across the globe in all of the major gateway cities. SOS > Search Office Space were the first ever Serviced Office Brokers in the UK, first established in 1993. Since its conception it has developed an international database of property owners who offer serviced office space in over 6,000 locations through a continually growing website.

The service is free and impartial and SOS > Search Office Space pride itself of the personal and professional service given to every inquiry it receives.

To find the ideal office space for your business, you will need to find the right city, near the market where you operate, look at the location within this city, the type of office space and the price. SOS > Search Office Space prides itself for giving a great personal service, understanding prospects needs and expectations before recommended a building.

This month, members of its team went in the City of London and West-end, making videos of the buildings it proposes on its website, to give businesses looking for office space a feel for what they can expect to get in these areas of London.

These videos have been published on You Tube, and the response has been so positive that the team will be months after months filming more buildings, to allow all businesses to have a feel for the office locations proposed on the SOS > Search Office Space website.

To see SOS > Search Office Space on You Tube, please go to To find out more about the offices on the videos, please call 0800 740 8080, email [email protected] or alternatively, make your office search on .

Written by Emily Mouquot, Marketing Director.