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Alice Platt
Alice Platt
  • 8 Minute Read
  • 05th January 2023

Ten Great Central London Office Locations for SMEs

Central London is the established hub of flexible offices in the UK. In recent years we have seen a huge shift in the industry clusters which once trended in London. Due to economic, social and transport causes, businesses are now moving away from certain areas and into better located, easily accessible new locations. This new shift has been beneficial for SMEs who can now choose to work inflexible workspaces across London without premium price points. Read on to discover the top ten Central London Office Locations for SMEs and what they can offer your business.

Why flexible workspace is ideal for SMEs in London

Flexible workspaces include serviced offices (private and shared), coworking spaces, managed offices and hot desk workspaces. Many SMEs love the idea of flexible workspace because it takes all the hassle out of creating your own office and removes the Cap Ex burden and risks of signing a long-term lease.

The concept of a flexible office is that it’s ready whenever you are. You arrive, plug in, and start work. Flexible offices come with furniture, utilities, IT infrastructure, security and management supplied. Flexible workspaces in London are available to move in the next day and offer maximum flexibility, with contracts typically ranging from one month to two years. There is no capital expenditure up-front and as far as possible, all costs are wrapped into one all-inclusive monthly invoice.

SMEs love London flexible workspace because of the term ‘flexible’. Whether you are growing, contracting or just starting out, there’s something to suit your budget and needs. There’s a vast array of choice and flex offices are great for growing businesses who want maximum flexibility, short- or medium-term solutions, great facilities and simple cost control.

SMEs have a huge choice of flexible workspaces in London

Despite the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of flexible workspaces looks bright, with analysts suggesting flex space will grow from 6% to a 30% share of the office market by 2030. Office Freedom now lists over 900 Central London flexible workspaces making it even easier for you to find your perfect office with one broker. 

Knowing where to locate yourself as a small or growing business in London can be quite overwhelming which is why so many SMEs turn to Office Freedom to help them.

The Best Central London Office Locations for SMEs

1. Liverpool Street 

Liverpool Street is a great office location for SMEs wanting to be in the heart of the city. Overground and underground rail links are excellent and the new Crossrail station has enabled this area to become one of the best-connected parts of London. The towering skyscrapers and refurbished brick façade buildings give the City a high-powered corporate feel which is why it has become well-known as the financial district of London. In more recent years, we have seen businesses from all industries locate their office in Liverpool Street. From Fintech and Insuretech SMEs, Liverpool Street also is home to media companies as well as developers and tech businesses alike.

There’s a huge choice of quality flexible workspaces in Liverpool Street including private offices, serviced offices and coworking options. To get an idea of what’s available around Liverpool Street, start your search here.

2. Holborn

Situated in the western part of Central London, office space in Holborn is hugely popular with SMEs due to its great location and wide array of nearby amenities. Sandwiched between the West End and the City, some locals refer to Holborn as London’s Midtown. Offering competitively priced serviced office space and a host of Central London benefits, Holborn is the perfect area for SMEs looking to grow their business. Those SMEs searching for a comfortable and inspiring communal workspace will be pleased with the variety of choices on offer. At the same time, purpose-built private offices are also available within the area, offering stylish and state-of-the-art facilities for businesses to enjoy.

Take a look at these fantastic flexible offices in Holborn.

3. Kings Cross

This inner city area has been massively regenerated over the last two decades through major developments such as the opening of the Eurostar terminal and St. Pancras International station.

SMEs flock to Kings Cross thanks to its many transport links and dynamic culture. The Guardian and the Observer have their offices here, along with big names like Google, Universal Music and Louis Vuitton. There is ample office space to rent in Kings Cross as well as great amenities allowing your employees an excellent work/life balance in addition to great options for lunch and after-work socialising. 

Start your search for a fantastic flexible office in Kings Cross here.

4. Mayfair

Mayfair is possibly London’s most prestigious business location. It sits within the City of Westminster, bordered by Hyde Park to the west, Oxford Street to the north and Regent Street to the east. Mayfair is famous for its long-standing private clubs, vintage stores and Regency style architecture. The district even boasts a handful of historical estates – Grosvenor Square, Hanover Square and Berkeley Square.

Mayfair provides ample choice of first class serviced offices for SMEs looking to establish themselves in the capital. The area itself is easily accessible by public transport and home to businesses from every industry. If you want to position yourself in a prime location and mark yourself as an established business with impressive networking opportunities on your doorstep, having an office in Mayfair is the ideal choice. 

Take a look at these affordable serviced offices in Mayfair.

5. Oxford Circus

Oxford Street is the busiest street in Europe as well as being one of the most popular shopping destinations within the capital. Regardless of whether you’re after vibrant and social workspaces or classy and stylish serviced offices, Oxford Circus offers something for every business. Situated at the junction between Oxford Street and Regent Street, Oxford Circus is an interchange between the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines and is the third busiest London Underground station.

Considering its central location, easy transport links and proximity to other areas, Oxford Circus is a suitable office location for SMEs of all industries. From fashion and lifestyle brands to media and more corporate businesses, you will find your peers across many of the area’s flexible office options. 

You can view a selection of fabulous serviced offices in Oxford Circus here. 

6. Paddington

Famous as a historic transport hub, Paddington has been reinvented in recent times as a great option for SMEs wishing to establish their business in London. Apart from the station, it has become a hidden gem of wonderful canals, quaint green spaces, bespoke office spaces, cosmopolitan eateries and a duffle coat-wearing bear. Within a 10-minute walk of Paddington Station, the cultural hotspot of Hyde Park makes Paddington an alluring prospect for many SMEs. 

There have been numerous property developments around Paddington in recent years. Modern blocks of flats now surround Paddington Basin, while business thrives in glass towers that are home to famous names like EE and AstraZeneca. Above all, this area is great for businesses who want to connect with clients in and around London. Known as one of London’s international transport hubs, it’s a popular office location for international businesses or those servicing clients outside of London. 

Take a closer look at some of the best serviced offices in Paddington here.

7. Shoreditch

Located in the East End of London, Shoreditch is a district situated to the north of the City of London. The Shoreditch area is a triangle that comprises Old Street, Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street. This prospering area has much to offer visitors, including vibrant markets, edgy bars, restaurants and street art. Shoreditch is an inspiring and productive location, buzzing with the talent of architects, photographers, publishers, designers and technology companies. The Old Street roundabout has been dubbed ‘Silicon Roundabout’ due to the high number of tech start-ups that have flocked to the district.

Shoreditch benefits from its proximity to other key areas, such as the financial district, City of London and the major transport hub, Liverpool Street. Its commercial potential is reflected in the availability of office space, with Shoreditch being home to some of the most attractive serviced offices in the capital with a more casual vibe than the neighbouring areas.  

Find a fabulous flexible serviced office in Shoreditch here.

8. Soho

Soho is a multicultural tourist hotspot in Central London, bordered by Oxford Street, Regent Street, Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road. Soho has long been known as an entertainment hub, attracting tourists and Londoners to its rich nightlife, West End shows and China Town’s culinary delights. As an office location, it’s no different, and is home to media, entertainment and publishing houses as well as more corporate companies who seek prime entertaining venues on their doorstep.

Soho makes a fitting business location for SMEs due to its location at the very heart of Central London. There are flexible offices to appeal to all tastes, from the cool and funky to the conventional and corporate. That diversity is reflected in the range of commercial spaces available, which includes both coworking, serviced offices and private offices. A myriad of late-night coffee shops and restaurants help further shape Soho’s unique charm and community feel.

Take a look at these fantastic flexible offices in Soho, available right now.

9. Southwark

Southwark is connected to the City of London by several bridges across the River Thames. Tower Bridge, Southwark Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge and London Bridge all connect the City of London to the borough of Southwark. The home of Borough Market, Southwark attracts many visitors daily as do the many pubs and galleries stretching out along the river. It’s the perfect blend of culture and corporate, with huge tourist attractions and a variety of flexible office spaces here too. 

The area has been extensively developed in the last decade, and now proudly hosts developments such as the Shard and new residential apartments along the river. Many SMEs are looking to Southwark as an affordable Central London location, exploiting opportunities south of the river. Demand for office space in Southwark has continued to grow in recent years. The serviced offices available in Southwark are wide ranging, from the modest and affordable to the lavish and grand.

You can view a selection of serviced offices in Southwark here.

10. Victoria

Located in the City of Westminster, Victoria is best known for its transport links and diverse range of industries. Victoria is one of the busiest transport interchanges in London, with extensive rail and bus services. Terminus Place is a major hub for bus and taxi services, Victoria Coach Station for continental travel and the over ground and underground stations serve London well.

Victoria consists predominantly of commercial property, private and social housing, and retail. Victoria is becoming a fashionable place to start a business and office rents are slightly cheaper in comparison to its neighbouring districts. With its excellent transport links to accommodate commercial and residential growth, demand for studios, office space, industrial units and workshops in this area is vibrant and thriving 

Take a look at the range of serviced offices available in Victoria here.


The range of flexible offices available in London is huge and we’re sure that there is something to suit every business, from the most creative to the most traditional and all points in between. If you’re unsure where to start or where is best for your office to be located in London then using a broker like Office Freedom can save you time and energy. We specialise in offering expert, impartial advice and have excellent relationships with landlords across the city to get you the best price possible.

Get in touch today via our website if you’re ready to find an office in Central London.