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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 15th August 2014

Top tips to get back into an office mind-set after a holiday

Having just returned from my summer holiday, I know how difficult it can be to get your head back in the game! The emails, the meetings you missed, doing handovers with other people before they go on their holidays and where on earth do you start with a to-do list?!

Let’s make it easier for you to transition from holiday-mode back into work-mode with this simple but effective top tips below.

  • Give yourself some time by planning at least one empty day between arriving home and going back to work. In this time you can unpack, get the washing machine on and do the food shopping in order to get your home in order and your mind cleared first, leaving you feeling relaxed and ready.
  • Remind yourself of your top 3 things about your job or workplace. This will help you feel less unhappy about the end of your holiday and more excited to get stuck back into your job.
  • Help aid productivity and focus by getting a good nights’ sleep the night before you. If you pack your bag, make your lunch and pick your outfit out the night before, you will sleep better and feel more prepared in the morning.
  • Bring up your energy levels by having breakfast before you leave for work. This will also stop your energy levels from snagging later on in the morning when you have lots of work to get on with.
  • Get a head start by arriving at work earlier than your colleagues. This will give you a chance to clear out your email inbox and prioritise tasks. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee whilst you work on this and you will be organised and more awake come 9am.
  • Plan ahead before your break by making a to-do list beforehand for the week you return. This way you can return and pick up where you left off with projects and tasks and slot in your new tasks around the existing ones. Everyone switches off when they are on holiday so this will stop you from leaving important tasks undone.
  • Start small by addressing the small and easy tasks first. Ease yourself back into work, as, if you try to go in 100% immediately, you will burn out and feel stressed by the end of day one! Then you can plan in your bigger tasks and projects as the week goes on.
  • Plan 1-2-1s for day two so you can have time to organise your work and settle in without having to worry about meeting times on your first day. Then, on day two, you can tackle catching up with the team and add the new tasks they will bring to your to-do list.
  • And, lastly, why not motivate yourself by bringing in a framed picture from your holiday to put on your desk? This will help your work happiness and, therefore, productivity as it will remind you of recent, great memories!

Why not give some of our tips a go and see if you settle back into working life happier, easier and better! Have you got any other tricks to help you lose the holiday blues and get back into the right mindset? Why not share them in the comments box below now!