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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 18th July 2014

Why should you use a broker in your office search?

For businesses, office space comes as a necessary requirement. Whether you are a small business currently working from home that are now needing a hub to call your own or a business which is growing quickly and needs to upscale, there will come a point when you know you need another working space, but what you don’t know is in which location, size and style.

That is where you could use an office broker. This is a free and impartial service, with team members who are trained to guide you through this process as easily and painlessly as possible. With a massive number of different officing solutions on their books, the time to collect the right spaces for your shortlist, organise your viewings and negotiate the terms and price for you, they can be the best option all around.

Here at SOS, we are committed to finding the right space for you. Bob Toor, Key Account Director in the UK Sales Team, recently closed a deal, from phone call to agreement within two hours, with the company moving in on the same day.

We asked Bob what the secret was to securing the perfect space for a client.

“The secret is taking the time to really understand where the company is currently based, what the nature of their business is and‎ what is important to the client. This determines where I would recommend they take space so it’s all about understanding their specific business needs.

[caption id="attachment_9209" align="alignright" width="228"] Bob Toor, Key Account Director[/caption]

By using a broker, the benefits to a client are huge, for example if you were to buy a house, would you just buy it without comparing the market and seeking advice? Probably not.

Brokers have the latest market intelligence at their disposal, for example, market rates, rent free periods available, latest promotions and occupancy levels for business centres, which all ultimately determine the price you will pay for your office. You can compare the market in one simple phone call and have‎ an industry expert provide you with a viewing itinerary to suit all budgets - isn't that easy?

It is hassle-free, so you can get on with your business and leave us to arrange your schedule. This is how we have had so many clients find a perfect space with us and move in so quickly. We're passionate about your search.”

In an age where officing solutions spread from full corporate space to single hot desk solutions, and where different areas serve as a hub for a specific industry sector, it is impossible to find the ideal office space without spending time and money on research and advice. Getting in touch with an office broker is a cost-effective and easy way to delegate the office search task!

If you need advice today, why not call 0800 740 8080 or visit Our team are always on hand and ready to help you!