IT Solutions for today's world

Our IT business service providers help companies achieve more with their technology, delivering business growth, cost savings, seamless collaboration, downtime protection and cyber security. We offer IT service across the following areas:

We provide bespoke consultation to ensure your IT is working for you. Keeping up with the latest technology developments is essential for any business that wants to succeed. Modern technologies can improve your business. Our team will show you how and help you integrate these technologies into your current process.

We help you understand the value you are getting from your current technology investments and we’ll also assist in the design and development of new systems and processes. We will provide ongoing strategy to ensure that you retain your competitive advantage.

  • Virtual CTO
  • Investigation & Recovery Service
  • IT Health Checks
  • Service Design & Management
  • Cloud Strategy & Implementation
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Enterprise mobility security, cloud back-up

We give access to experienced IT Consultants who are trusted experts who love what they do and can help you achieve your ambitions. As business owners ourselves we understand your challenges

We firmly believe you can push your business to its full potential by knowing what your network is capable of. We keep things straightforward, so you know exactly what you’re getting with your fixed monthly rate, and you can get on with what you do best, without having to worry about your IT.

We provide people-focused support to businesses globally to ensure their IT never stops working

  • Equipment supplied. We can provide the right kit for the right job. From a mouse to a server, whatever IT equipment you need, we’ll make sure it fits perfectly for the way your business and networks are set up.
  • Hosted services. We cover a range of hosted IT services, from desktops and exchange (allowing flexibility and collaboration), to online backup and email archiving (to keep a record of everything without letting it clog up your network).
  • Support when it's needed. Prevention rather than cure is our main approach with support, so we build in monitoring tools to nip any problems in the bud and keep your business running smoothly. If any issues do crop up, our teams are on hand to pick them up straightaway.

Office Freedom Business Solutions provide a suite of services for office IT relocation. Like all of our IT services, each solution is scalable. You can request as little or as much as your business needs require.

  • Office Moves. If you need your IT equipment moved to your new office space, we can strategically relocate it for you. By auditing your current setup, we ensure that all computers, accessories, servers, and other hardware are placed in the same configurations in your new office.
  • Office Removals. You might have redundant IT equipment or need to shut down an old office entirely. We can handle the safe recycling and disposal of your old IT equipment, ensuring all your important data has been sufficiently wiped before we dispose of it.
  • Cable Management. We can help clean up cables in your data centre, preventing hazardous trailing cables in the workplace. If you’re relocating your data centre or comms room, we can label and re-install your cables in their new space.
  • Secure IT Storage. In the process of moving, you want your IT equipment to stay safe. When we relocate your hardware, we store it safely in flight cases so it won’t be damaged in transit to your new office.
  • Data Erasure. When relocating offices, you might need to wipe the data from your hard drives, removable media, or mobile devices. We also provide secure solutions for data erasure. You can be confident your data has been properly removed, adhering to national and international privacy regulations and safeguarding employee rights.

Our range of services include Hosted IT services such as Remote Backup, Disaster Recovery, Hosted Private and Hosted Shared environments, Hosted VoIP Telephony, Connectivity, IT Support and Network Monitoring, Hardware Guaranteed Fix Maintenance, Software Asset Management and Procurement in general. Office Freedom Business Solutions provide straightforward solutions to complex problems with unparalleled levels of support throughout each process.

  • Back up and disaster recovery
  • Shared Cloud environments
  • Private cloud environments
  • Support and pro-active network monitorin
  • VoIP telephony
  • Connectivity
  • Software asset management
  • Asset compliance portal and processes
  • Hardware guaranteed fix maintenance
  • Global purchasing strategies
  • Procurement

We have in-house experience and expertise to migrate your existing environment into colocation Datacentres and then manage as a private or shared cloud environment. We understand that although we have the ability to provide these services, a fully Hosted-IT managed service might not fit your business strategy straight away. We can demonstrate the services best suited and advise in what order to incorporate.

We take time to understand your organisation and carry out discovery exercises during each project request. After discovery we provide our findings within a proposal accompanied with an HLD (High Level Design) and project plan to give total peace of mind

We provide bespoke consultation to ensure your IT is working for you. Our consultancy services can help fuel business growth by understanding your business and making recommendations to increase productivity. If your goal is to save money, our consultancy services include a detailed financial analysis to identify savings and reduce costs.

If you want to benefit from better teamwork and collaboration, then our consultancy service can offer advice to help the whole business work together and perform better. Many clients rely on us to provide security and risk management consultancy and benefit from our years of cyber-security expertise.

  • Experienced IT Consultants
  • Commercial grounding
  • Bespoke recommendations
  • Global IT consultation
    Specialist consultants for:
  • Microsoft 365 - Secure email, video conferencing and collaboration
  • Microsoft Azure - Increase productivity and save money in the cloud
  • Mobility and security - Keep your business safe from internal and external threats
  • Cloud back-up - Comprehensive back-ups, preventing downtime

Backed up by the UK's top providers, we make hosted telephony straightforward and hassle-free. Think of hosted telephony as no different from traditional landline phones, except everything happens over the internet. It's voice over internet protocol – VoIP. That makes billing much more straightforward too. Traditional business landline bills still charge for individual calls, meaning bills can be unpredictable. We think it's time to move on.

One fixed cost, once a month

With hosted telephony you pay one fixed monthly amount for your single VoIP line and each extension. That includes free UK local and national calls (that begin with 01, 02, or 03) and mobile numbers. So you know exactly what you need to pay every month, with no surprises when the bill comes through the post.

An easier life: hosted services

When you take on our telephony system, you get to keep your numbers and make and take calls as normal, even when you're working remotely. You also get more flexibility, so growing your team or moving office shouldn't affect you.