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Coworking Space in Brussels

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Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and of Brussels Capital Region. Brussels fits the definition of the archetypal "melting pot," as it is at the crossroads of cultures - the Germanic from the North and the Romantic from the South, yet it retains its own unique character. The population of the city of Brussels is 1 million and the population of Brussels metropolitan area is just over 2 million.

Business Information

As headquarters of many European institutions, Brussels might also be considered something of a capital for the European Union. Brussels’ economy is largely service-oriented. There are many regional and world headquarters of multinationals, political institutions, and a number of notable craft industries, such as the Cantillon Brewery. The city offers many types of executive office space.

Entertainment And Dining Out

Shopping is an art form in Brussels. Here every day is market day and one of the best is the flower market, held Tuesday to Sunday at Grand-Place. This is also the site of the Sunday morning bird market. Antiques are sold at the market on Place du Grand Sablon, Saturday and Sunday morning, while the flea market at Place du Jeu de Balle, in the Marolles district, is open every morning. For dining, In’t Spinnekopke is an extremely popular tavern-style restaurant. The name translates as ’In the Spider’s Web,’ the food starts with an offering of local beers, and includes Flemish specialties such as waterzooi (a cross between a soup and a stew), poached kabeljau (cod) and mussels in a variety of sauces.

Transport Information

Brussels Airport is situated 8 miles northeast of Brussels. The approximate flight time to Brussels from London is 55 minutes; from New York is 7 hours 30 minutes; from Los Angeles is 13 hours 35 minutes; from Toronto is 7 hours 45 minutes; and from Sydney is 27 hours. To get to the city center use the Airport Line bus service that runs three to four times every hour. Belgian Railway’s trains depart from the airport to Brussels’ three main stations the Gare Centrale, Gare du Nord, and Gare du Midi. Brussels is also served by direct high-speed rail links to London on the Eurostar via the Channel Tunnel as well as to Amsterdam, Paris and Cologne.

Image of sales consultant Demi Smith

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