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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 07th July 2010

10 easy tips to help you choose office space in central London

London is the main centre for business and commerce of not only the United Kingdom but Europe as well. It is a place that provides businesses small and large with an opportunity to set up a base in a world class location and make it prosper.

One of the main pre-requisites for setting up a prosperous and successful business is seeking for rent an office space. Far-sighted business leaders particularly opt for Central London offices, as these offer the greatest image and location and are likely to result in more opportunities for future prospective for future growth.

Finding an office space might be a challenge for businesses especially if they aren’t thoroughly sure which one is the best option for them.

Here I would like to offer 10 easy tips to help you choose office space in central London.

• First of all, don't just go for the first office you see. Consider as many options as possible prior to making your final decision. Shop around without haste; view at least three different offices before making a final decision.

• Consider “serviced offices”; to rent a serviced office is a more efficient, flexible and economical alternative to conventional offices. In this rapidly changing world, a serviced office can enable businesses to effectively manage change, adjusting the amount of space they need and length of stay as their business plan unfolds.

• Another major factor to consider is the location of the office. In case you are in the outlook of a prestigious address you might consider to “rent office in Central London, with a W1 or EC2 postcode. And if you have many foreign clients and want to rent office space in a London location near one of the most famous hotels in the world, then office rental in Mayfair will be what you need. Mayfair is one of the most sought-after locations to take office space in the world.

• To rent a branded or unbranded office space is no less important factor to consider. This is particularly essential if you often receive clients and guests to your office.

• Another important factor is flexibility of office space. Make sure you choose one furnished with equipment and utilities you need. Remember that a change in your needs might lead to changes to your work space so that it can work for you.

• When looking for an office, go for one that allows future expansion. A small office space may create problems for you since you will need larger space in case of your business growth.

• Think of your employees' needs by making your office available to them. It would be great to rent an office space close to public transport, near the shops and leisure facilities. And also make sure that there are ample parking facilities for your employees and clients.

• Find out beforehand what extras are covered in your office rental. Find out if there is an access to meeting rooms, admin support or video conferencing and whether all these are included in the rental price or not.

• It’s also important not to forget considering insurance policy for your office contents.

• Turn to a London based company specializing in assisting you to find suitable commercial office space within Central London. By contacting such an agency, you can get personal recommendations meeting your specific needs and budget.

Bear in mind that the office space reflects the integrity, style and future prospective of a business, so make as much use of these tips as possible and you’ll get the best deal.