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Leticia Baiamonte
Leticia Baiamonte
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 29th December 2014

10 New Year Resolutions for the Office

Making and keeping New Year resolutions is a fantastic way to refresh your life, with the goal of seeing how far you have come by the end of the year. To see improvements in all areas of your life, don’t just keep your resolutions to the Gym. We spend more time in the office throughout the year than we do anywhere else - so why not make resolutions to improve your work life as well as your home life?

1. Listen to each other

Not listening to your managers and co-workers can cause friction, which will make life harder for you, and you may also miss out on discovering a brand new way to work which makes your job easier and more entertaining.

2. Let everyone have a say

Just as you should be listening to what your managers and your work colleagues have to say about your job, their jobs and the office environment, also try listening to everyone else around you. The person that delivers your post in the morning might just have the answer to your current problem!

3. Be on time every day

Being punctual is a skill which will take you far in both your personal and professional lives. Make getting into work on time each day a rehearsal for the times that it really matters, and simultaneously improve your manager’s perception of you. There may well be a promotion in it for you.

4. Offer as much praise as criticism

Telling people what they have done well as well as what has gone wrong will actually make you feel happier and more positive than if you are always down on what they have done. You can find something to praise in any situation, even if it is just this person’s enthusiasm in doing the task.

5. Have a better work/life balance

Make this the year that you socialise outside of work just as much as you do in the office, that you make more friends and take some time to read all of the books that have been piling up next to your bed. Your life will feel fuller because of it.

6. Offer to make the tea at least once a week

Show your superiors that you are willing to be useful, and show those below you that you are all in this together. No harm can ever come from being the first person to offer everyone a cup of tea.

7. Complete a challenge every day

This doesn’t have to be a huge project, but if you challenge yourself to do one thing every day, your day will go faster, you will feel more challenged and your productivity should shoot up.

8. Keep the kitchen clean

Not only does this make for a much more pleasant kitchen for everyone that works in your office, it also creates a safer and healthier environment where you are all less likely to suffer from bacterial infections this year.

9. Take responsibility

Own up when you have done something wrong and take responsibility for it. This shows you to be a strong character and will impress your employer more than if you have to be found out later on.

10. Be happy

This resolution should translate throughout your life. Don’t do anything that doesn’t make you happy, and chase happiness wherever it leads you. A happy person is a fun person to work with!