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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 14th July 2011

12 Extraordinary, Amazing and Strange Buildings

search-office-space-wonderworks-150x1501. WonderWorks, Pigeon Forge, TN

The interior is also upside down in this science museum which attempts to explain the unexplainable.





search-office-space-biosphere-montreal-150x1502. Montreal Biosphere

An interactive museum, owned by Environment Canada, with exhibits on biodiversity and climate change.




search-office-space-jouse-attack-vienna-150x1503. House Attack, Vienna

An art installation of a suburban house, designed by Austrian sculptor, Ermin Wurm.





search-office-space-container-city-london-150x1504. Container City, London

The first sustainable shipping container building, currently used as office space.





search-office-space-kansas-US-150x1505. Kansas City Public Library

Each book measuring 25 ft reflects the reading interests of the Kansas community at the time the library was built.





search-office-space-bar-code-building-russia-150x1506.Bar Code Building, St Petersburg, Russia

Perhaps all buildings are like barcodes to some extent. After all, you can now take a picture of a building and Googlemaps will provide all the relevant information.




search-office-space-stone-house-portugal-150x1507. Stone House, Portugal

The house attracts thousands of tourists each year. Some say it was inspired by the Flintstones.





search-office-space-the-basket-building-ohio-150x1508. The Basket Building, Ohio

Owned by the Longerberger Company; manufacturers of hand crafted maple wood baskets and other home and lifestyle products.





search-office-space-mass-housing-mexico-150x1509. Mass Housing, Ixtapaluca, Mexico

Like Lego brick houses, but real.






10. Piano Building, An Hui Province, China

Inside are various plant forms and inside the violin is an escalator.





search-office-space-sheepdog-building-new-zealand-150x15011. Sheepdog Building, New Zealand

The information centre for a farming town in Tirau.





search-office-space-the-seed-cathedral-shangai-china-150x15012. The Seed Cathedral, Shangai, China

A quiet, botanical building constructed from 60, 000 transparent optical strands. The interior is illuminated by daylight.