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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 10th April 2014

12 things to do on your commute

Driving in?

1. Why not download an audio book onto your ipod or hire a CD version from the library? Each day, you can use your commute as a time to delve into a fictional world, before you get back to the reality of work!

2. Listen to the radio as opposed to just listening to music, as listening to conversation will start to prepare you for the mandatory socialising of the office when you arrive.

On the bus or train?

3. Read the news online or a newspaper. It’s good to keep up to date with current affairs or, at worst, read the horoscopes and look for the ‘cute animal of the day’ profile in the Metro.

4. Use the time to check and answer your personal emails before you arrive to work. Leaving your personal life organised will mean you go into work feeling efficient, ready to work and relaxed.

5. Do you have a long commute? Why not use the time to rest your eyes – but to save you nodding off and missing your stop, download the National Rail app for wake-up alerts a stop before you need to get off. You’ll be more refreshed for work, and still get there on time!

6. Use the commute to take up a new hobby. For example, why not use the popular app Duolingo to learn another language.

Arriving on foot?

7. Catch up on your communications – give your family and friends a call instead of dropping them a quick text. If you’re walking, it isn’t rude or disruptive to those around you, as it can be on other modes of transport, so put yourself in a good mood, catch up with loved ones and use your time for something worthwhile.

8. Get competitive by downloading app RunKeeper on your phone. The app can be adjusted to the type of exercise you are doing and tell you your time, speed, route, calories burnt etc. Motivate yourself with all of its health benefiting stats and try to improve upon your time!

On the tube (or somewhere without signal)?

9. Read a book to help the journey go faster. We’ve all got a pile of books at home which we’ve bought or been given, so start making a dent in the pile and make the journey go faster (just keep an eye out for your stop).

10. Use the time to have breakfast, have some “me time” and wake up slowly. Sometimes, it’s nice to completely switch off before you delve into a working day of phone calls, emails, social media and colleagues.

11. If you get fidgety and bored on the tube, why not download some apps before you travel. Some which I’d recommend are Tetris Blitz, 2048 and Ball Travel 3D for tricky, addictive games to pass the time!

12. Why not get out a pen and notepad and plan a to-do list for the day, brainstorm any new projects or even plan a pro and con list for handling any office politics situations if you are the manager. We rarely get time to ourselves to just sit and rationalise a situation so why not use the commute productively.