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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 16th December 2016

5 Achievable Worklife Goals For 2017

New Year's resolutions are so 2016. Unrealistic, frustrating and self- flagellating by nature, they set us up to fail.

Goals on the other hand are confidence building, motivating and allow us to move the goalposts as we go, so to speak.

Kick start your 2017 with these 5 obtainable work-orientated goals...

1. Get Green

A green office is a happy office. Put on your horticultural hat this month and adorn your workspace with foliage. Timeless classics include the hardy cactus and the humble spider plant.

Apparently, as well as making our workstations look nice, they make us cleverer too.


Avoid man eating plants. Visit this article for suitable office flora.

2. Cycle to Work

Remember when you said you’d start cycling to work to save money and the environment?

Well, now’s perfect time to actually get on and do it!

Cycling is undoubtedly the healthier, more sustainable way to travel and it boosts your mental capacity too- cardiorespiratory exercise helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus which in turn gets get the creative juices flowing.

As part of his ‘Greener, Cleaner London’ campaign, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged to make cycling an easier and safer choice for more Londoners.

Stay fit, but be sensible- visit the government’s Think! site for information on how to stay safe.

cycle to work safely.png

3. ...Drink More Water

We know it’s good for us, but how many of us mean to drink more water and just forget? The health authorities tell us we should drink 8 glasses per day, and here’s how you can achieve it:

  • Spruce up plain water with ice cubes, slices of lemon and grated ginger.

  • Track your consumption with an app like Hydro Coach or the rather practically named Water Drink Reminder.

  • Drink with a purpose; CanO Water is the more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottled water and fits snugly in your pocket.

canO Water

Drink different in 2017.

4. Be Organised

Do you have to wade through mountains of ‘stuff’ before you can even turn on your computer? Are you forever encroaching on your neighbours deskspace, falling victim to exasperated ‘looks’ on a daily basis?

If yes, maybe it’s time to get organised. After all, an uncluttered desk = an uncluttered mind.

And who wouldn’t want to be super systematic with this hexagonal desk organiser by L'etabli London Shop. Get hold of yours from online marketplace Etsy. (Psst- they can also be used for potting mini cacti!)

Desk organiser.jpg

Even the pens match!

5. Express Yourself

Take a leaf out of Madonna’s book and be seen and heard in the workplace this year.

To unleash your inner extrovert...

  • Connect with people (formerly known as ‘networking’). This is a lot easier if you work in a coworking space.

  • Share your ideas in meetings and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

  • Read books on the subject: The Assertiveness Workbook by Judy Murphy, Lean In by Nell Scovell and Sheryl Sandberg and Start With Why by Simon Sinek come highly recommended.


Credit: Giphy

It's all about YOU.

...6. Don’t bother giving up the chocolate: it’s cold, it’s miserable, it’s January- we need it!

Go on…

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