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Joseph Lofthouse
Joseph Lofthouse
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 28th January 2015

5 Reasons Why Co-working Really Works

Co-working is an increasingly popular phenomenon in the UK as in many other parts of the world. The essential idea is that professionals in different fields can group together in shared office space to carry on their work in a positive and productive environment.


If the idea sounds good but you’re not sure it’s exactly right for you then here are 5 good reasons why co-working really works.


1 – Added flexibility

Perhaps the single greatest advantage of using shared office spaces is the sheer flexibility of the set-up and the fact that occupancy terms are never likely to be onerous or restricting. Users of co-working spaces can generally come and go as they please and use their offices as much or as little as is necessary or preferable for their purposes.

2 – Networking potential

The chance to create working relationships with your fellow shared office space occupants is another major advantage of the dynamic that these spaces offer. For small businesses in particular, the benefits of the networking opportunities available within co-working spaces can be very considerable and potentially priceless as a means of generating sales and added revenues. Plus it works both ways of course, because you might well find experts with the specialist skills you need at a particular moment working right alongside you or just across the hall.

3 – Facilities

While working from home or on the move is now more possible or generally feasible than it ever has been, there are often limits to the productivity levels that can be reached under these circumstances. Co-working spaces offer flexible access to offices that are equipped with their own IT infrastructures and facilities, as well as the kind of professional, purpose-built environments that most people struggle to create for themselves in their homes.

4 – Low costs

For small companies and solo operators in any field, committing to a long-term office rental arrangement can be not only daunting but financially ill-advised. A big part of the appeal of setting up in co-working spaces is the low costs and the limited need for financial commitments on the part of occupants, who can benefit from using quality office space without having to worry about the overheads involved. Of course when you need to add staff, serviced offices retain many of these advantages with the benefit of having your own office space.

5 – Inspiration

Co-working environments are often designed as hubs that encourage collaboration and innovation, and most benefit from an atmosphere characterised by high energy, commitment and ambition. Not every individual in a shared office space will necessarily inspire you in your work or your professional pursuits but some just might and you never know what benefits that might bring.

Those are just a few of the reasons why sharing office space and co-working can work well for self-employed professionals, small business bosses and anyone else in need of a flexible and affordable work environment. The good news is that these spaces are becoming increasingly easy to find in cities around the UK and across Europe. Get a flavour of co-working space by checking out a great example of creative co-working space in Islington.