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  • 3 Minute Read
  • 22nd February 2021

6 Top Traits That Make A Good Boss

You may be well aware of the kinds of qualities that make a bad boss – but what about the good ones? And we’re not just talking about any ‘good boss’, we’re talking about the kinds of bosses that go above and beyond to better employee wellbeing, let you leave an hour (or two) early on a Friday, and those who go the extra mile to ensure you feel like you’re part of a thriving team mission as opposed to working for their own goals. In this blog, we’ll explore the top six traits that make up a good boss. Read on for more:


When bosses are honest, they provide clear expectations on what success looks like in your role so there are no nasty surprises. Honesty builds trust and ultimately positive manager-employee relations, with clear pathways for communication that make you feel heard. Get rid of the guesswork and hunt down a boss who fosters integrity, accountability, and personal responsibility by voicing the truth when needed. We believe the best teams are built at physical office spaces, where you can develop meaningful connections with employees in tailored spaces that work brilliantly for your business needs.


Good bosses always set a good example. After all, employees can’t be expected to follow rules that the boss doesn’t follow themselves. Things like showing up on time, responding to emails in a timely manner, or being the first to arrive at meetings and have fun while doing them. Why not throw in an interactive whiteboard at your office meetings to improve team culture and encourage employee participation?


When employees feel valued and heard, it boosts self-esteem, self-morale and renders positive team relations that act as the driving force of greater effort, and ultimately, company success. Good bosses make sure their employees feel cared for and supported, which was recently backed by a Gallup report stating that the core determiner for employee retention and engagement are those in leadership positions. Clearly, good bosses are vital to a companies success – and when employees are happy, it causes the overall satisfaction rate to soar.


Managers or senior employees who can serve as life mentors have the potential to humanise work relationships by sharing personal experiences. We’re all human – so sometimes showing our vulnerable side isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When executed effectively, your new boss-turned-mentor yields powerful results for any team, thus increasing employee retention and boosting company morale. Why not create a dedicated mentor room at your new office? It’ll become your new safe haven where employees can confide in one another in a calm and relaxed environment.


While we’re on the topic of meetings, good bosses make sure the team stays connected, no matter what. Hosting weekly team meetings or one-to-ones serve as the ideal solution to ensuring your team stays on track and feel connected to the company mission. As a matter of fact, the majority of CEOs are opening up to the idea of flexible working, especially seeing as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the workplace puzzle.

Flexible working means employees get the choice to work at home for 2-3 days a week and come into the office on the remaining days. With thousands of office locations across the globe to pick from, keeping your company connected during a global pandemic has been more accessible than ever before.


Good bosses should have high emotional intelligence to forge stronger ties with their employees, making them feel more productive and engaged in their work. Being able to relate to others makes them feel respected, understood, and in turn, builds more productive relationships with those around them. This includes things like understanding your fears, skills, capabilities, and personal values. Would you say your boss has a high EQ?


At Office Freedom, we foster relationships that incorporate all of the above. One way we achieve this is by having spaces that encourage team interaction and positive working environments that work for everyone. No matter the size or scope of your dream office, we’ll work directly with you to understand your unique needs and match you with your perfect office to take employee relations to the next level. Stay tuned to the Office Freedom blog as we strive to build the ultimate hub of all things work and office-related, delivered right to your doorstep!