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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 21st February 2017

8 coworker testimonials that will make you want to move in today!

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur or small business considering taking up space in a coworking office? The following insider insights will give you a good idea of the benefits and what to expect. Remember, in a coworking office the cost of a workstation is all inclusive, meaning overheads, rates, furniture and additional perks are part of the overall price!

1. Wellbeing & happiness

“Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely, so being in a working space alongside people in same position as you is great. You are able to share the highs and lows and always bounce ideas off each other. Especially seeing as everyone has different businesses in various sectors- there is such a huge skill share - therefore, it's not only hugely economical, but also great for mental focus.

Our business has grown 700% from being at a coworking space compared to working from home / coffee shops! We're far more settled and happy in this environment!”

Josh Turner, Stand4Socks

2. Motivating

“I'm the owner of a PR company and we actually co-habit with one of our clients. It's great for keeping overheads down, building a team environment when the company is growing and is better for productivity by allowing people who would normally have to work from home to get the buzz and motivation of an office environment.”

Lucy, REV pr

3. Faff-free & flexible

“We're based out of Bathtub 2 Boardroom - an awesome co-working space. Our company, Taylor & Hart, is an online retailer of custom designed diamond engagement rings.Thanks to the B2B we've grown our team from 2 people to 16 at an affordable cost and with the flexibility to grow and sometimes briefly decline without huge commitments to changing leases and without the inconvenience of changing offices several times.”

Nikolay Piriankov, Taylor and Hart

coworker testimonials

Coworking spaces are design-led and promote wellbeing, like this one in London Fields

4. Affordability

“We (KeyNest) are based in a coworking space just next to Bank station. It's great for the community of fellow startup founders with similar challenges to our own and it's much more affordable than a separate office!”

Marc, Keynest

5. Networking & new business

“I regularly pay to get out of my home office and go to coworking events as a part of my business marketing efforts. I find this a really great way to do a dialled back version of networking. Over the course of a day I can pick up so much more from my co-workers than I could if I was at a networking session with them.

This really helps me to be able to refer business onto them at a later date. I find that switching around my environment and workspace is becoming more and more important for my creativity as a photographer. I get more antsy being stuck at the same desk all the time.”

Laura Pearman,

coworker testimonials

Coworking spaces are fully fitted out and include high speed internet - like this space in Manchester

6. Industry-specific

“I run Much Better Adventures, an award-winning travel tech company based in London. We work out of Runway East, and have been in quite a few co-working spots in London/France/Hong Kong and Australia. In London we benefited greatly from the industry specific Travel Tech Lab before moving into our own office and recently going back into shared space.”

Sam, Much Better Adventures

7. Sharing skills

I work from time to time at the Camden Collective, a free co-working space based at the Old Temperance Hospital, Euston. It's a very friendly vibe, at least in the kitchen, where the majority of the socialising takes place. In the main space, it's usually all heads down but I've found it great for getting feedback on our site as it has been developed and also helping others with their PR strategy (my area of expertise).

Suzanne Noble, founder at Frugl

8. All the perks

My coworker office space is the fantastic Makerversity, located at Somerset House. As a start up entrepreneur and sole trader I find that being in a shared office space increases my productivity, and widens my arena to be aware of new developments in the business and cultural arena.

Skills share workshops at Makerversity include product design, intellectual property, networking for creative businesses, CAD and statistical modelling amongst others, as well as a free once a week meditation class and a free continental breakfast, in which businesses are invited to discuss their trade over Powerpoint slides and coffee.

There is a definite sense of camaraderie and pride shared between the businesses as they establish growth and success.

Holly O’Leary,



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