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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 19th August 2014

85% of businesses are missing out with their mobile tariff. Are you one of them?

Are you losing out with your business mobile solutions? The team at Carphone Warehouse Business have written us another great guest blog to look at how business owners can make sure their team all have contracts suited to their personal usage, without the hassle of extra fees and research time. We hope the piece is informative and if you have any questions for their team, please comment below!

“There have been many stories that have highlighted how consumers are often spending too much on their utilities and that by comparing deals they can save lots of money each year, but what about businesses? Many companies are spending money on mobile phone packages and other business expenses believing they have the best possible deal when in fact over 85% of businesses that Carphone Warehouse Business audited in the last 6 months are on the wrong mobile phone tariff.

That figure may sound surprising but, as the task of reviewing the mobile phone deal for your company can seem a daunting responsibility, many companies simply continue with their initial deal. When contract renewal time arrives many companies opt for the deal offered by their existing provider and the thought of moving to another provider or comparing what else is available seems like a time consuming task.

Taking the work out of comparisons

There is an easier way to ensure you are getting the best value on your mobile phone package for your business. Companies, such as us, have introduced a new service in the last 12 months where they compare your existing mobile usage to tariffs available across the major UK networks. Our team strongly believes that business providers should have their customer’s interests at the core of what they offer; this not only ensures the best value for money but also improves customer confidence by increasing efficiency.

An in-depth analysis of your current company mobile usage can be a time consuming task but Carphone have tackled this workload by using an independently created software platform to analyse your business mobile bills. This analysis takes a look at each user to compare what type of activity happens on the account and identifies if there is any high-cost usage or areas of an allowance which aren’t being used. This data is collected and analysed and alternative solutions offered to ensure each individual user has a more suitable tariff giving the company the best overall mobile package.

As Carphone works with all the major UK networks and the software has been developed by an independent third party, they are in a unique position to offer you a completely impartial comparison on your business mobile expenditure.

Using this technology and making the changes generated from these reports, we have seen customers saving up to 80% on their mobile phone bills.

Keeping your ongoing costs down

With the demands of today's business meaning your employees need to be contactable at all times, it may seem the safer option to stay with the network you are on so as not to lose connectivity, but a good third party mobile phone provider will ensure your mobile transfer is handled seamlessly so you can stay connected.

The trap of having your company's mobile phone users on the wrong tariff is easy to fall into as a common idea is that the cheapest line rental is the best option, however choosing the right tariff with bundled minutes, texts and data will reduce out of bundle charges giving you overall savings and better value.”

Why not have a look online and make sure you have the best option for your business mobile solutions. To try the Carphone Warehouse Business comparison tool click here.

It's definitely time you challenged your mobile providers and arranged the tariffs to suit your working needs.