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Lisa Green
Lisa Green
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 10th July 2015

A Guide on How to Survive Future Tube Strikes

How the 2015 tube strike began

It seems as if the London tube strikes happen on an annual basis, much like the summer holidays, but less welcoming. We are extremely lucky that technology has progressed so quickly over the years and now we have extra help when another tube strike arrives. This guide will help you survive the next tube strike, and believe me there will be another tube strike.

Originally the tube strikes were sparked by the indication that the underground would be open to the public, 24hours a day, meaning a change in rosters. A staggering 20,000 members from four different trade unions decided to strike for 24hours from the 8th July, 2015 to the 9th July, 2015 leaving London in chaos.

Last minute discussions were set in place to avert the London underground strike, but sadly communication broke down on both sides. Even though 200 extra buses were enlisted within the strike, many workers were left leaving their homes hours earlier, just to arrive at work late. In this guide we will be listing our favourite applications and any helpful tips you may need to survive.


Transport For London

The obvious choice of website, when travelling during a strike is Transport For London - TFL. This guide is not only useful within tube strikes, it is useful all year round. London transport is not exactly reliable, so make sure you sign up for alerts with TFL’s twitter account, @TflTravelAlerts. TFL regularly update their website and it can be an absolute life saver when travelling through London.

Google Maps

Google maps is a great way of finding your way across London, whether it’s walking, public transport or even driving. Android users will already have Google maps installed onto their device and iOS users can install it for an up to date version.


Citymapper is one of the top apps to have on your home screen, whilst travelling within London. Citymapper allows you to pinpoint your starting destination and will give you a range of routes for you to reach your destination, including walking, taxi, bus, cycling and many more. Check it out on android and iOS.

Santander Cycles

Signing up for the Santander Cycles app will allow you to find docking stations to allow you to reach these free bikes with ease. The official app includes a built in map that will permit you to plan your route and will even send you a code to unlock your hired bike. Available on android and iOS.

Helpful Hints

No matter how you travel, there is still a great chance you will get caught up in traffic. Our advice to you is to speak to your head of department, in advance of the tube strike. If you can leave work early, or work from home - The benefits of office work - then absolutely do so. If you can make your way to work by sharing a car with other colleagues or even use the London River Bus, then try to plan your route to work accordingly.

Be prepared for a longer journey than usual, so leave the house ahead of your usual start time and make sure you are prepared with our survival guide.

Update- Brand New 24 hour Tube Strike to Start August 5th and Finish August 6th

As a brand new tube strike appears August 5th and 6th, 2015, it’s time to prepare for the second London underground strike within a month.

Unfortunately for us the London Underground, has had its latest offers to the unions rejected, resulting in fresh tube strikes. Apparently the latest offer that includes “reshaping” of the working conditions has not changed enough to warrant an agreement.

The new 24 hour strike is planned to begin August 5th at 9.30pm and will finish 24 hours later, August 6th 9.30pm. It is also highly likely that all underground lines will be affected and they will not resume until the morning of August 7th.