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Andrey Tikhomirov
Andrey Tikhomirov
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 26th September 2018

A New Starter: Tom Melhuish

Tom Melhuish is one of the newest members of the Office Freedom team and has joined their digital marketing team. So, we decided to interview him and find out more about him and what he has learnt over the past month!

What is your career background?

I originally started off as an energy analyst in Oxford. Moved to London and became an estate agent. I then moved to a Women’s charity 6 years ago to pursue a career in digital marketing – from there I worked as a freelancer and then joined an adventure travel company as a digital marketing specialist.

Why did you choose Office Freedom?

I choose Office Freedom as they have a very exciting business model in a sector that is vastly growing. The coworking industry is continuously growing at a rapid rate and the business centres are fascinating.

The strangest job you have had?

Digging holes.

Digging Holes

Who’s your favourite business innovator?

Probably, Jimmy Iovine, his story alone is incredible. He didn’t have it easy at all. His ideas, hard work and perseverance paid off but most importantly his eye for a gap in the market. His documentary is captivating.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to write scripts. I have written comedy series and short films. I am currently writing a feature film. I have completed screenwriting courses over the last couple of years and had the chance to work on some exciting film sets. There’s nothing better than getting together with filmmaking friends and throwing some ideas about, developing stories and creating ridiculous characters. I also love to exercise and eat food, a lot of food – mainly sushi.

What’s your favourite flexible workspace?

It’s got to be between WeWork and Spaces. Both have very collaborative, bright and open workspaces. Really enjoyed the space.

What have you learnt so far at Office Freedom?

That I’m going to have to do more exercise. I have never seen so many Krispy Kreme’s.

Eating Doughnuts

I joke, seriously I’ve learnt a lot of things already and one of the lessons is the huge importance of customer service and efficiency in this market. You have to have an edge and I feel ours is streamlining the process and offering a top-level service and taking away the stress of finding a new office.

One interesting fact about you?

Reaching season 2098/2099 with Oxford United on Championship Manager 2003.

Where would you love to work in the world?

There are a few places in the world I’d love to work. Because of so many different reasons – they are Rio de Janeiro, New York, Koh Bon, Ha Long Bay or Barcelona.

What makes Office freedom stand out?

It has to be the single point of contact. One from a GDPR point of view and the other for a customer service point of view. It allows the consultants to take the hassle from the client and provide them with the best office to view.