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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 20th April 2011

ABKCO’s new 5th Avenue Office Space

Record label and production company ABKCO asked architect Glenn Leitch of Highland Associates to redesign their office space in New York’s attractive Flaitron District. Allen Klein, manager of ABKCO left the outdated 8, 3000 sq ft office space on New York’s 5th Avenue, to his son, Jody in 2009. (1)

ABKCO, who signed the Beatles and Rolling Stones back in the 1960’s, wanted to redesign their office space in a way that would embrace the company’s interesting history. Leitch who is known for his innovative designs and success with revamping the office spaces of iconic brands, Playboy and Elizabeth Arden, seemed like the perfect choice.

Leich used musical notes as his influence, creating curved walls inspired by the curving forms of musical notes, which serves as a back drop for rare memorabilia, movie posters and gold records. There is also a chandelier made from microphones and another wall composed entirely of CD covers.

One of the highlights of the new office space is the curved graphic imagery wall, created by both Leitch and renowned rock and roll photographer Mick Rock. The space celebrates music and business legends from ABKCO’s rich and distinguished history. (3)

About Highland Associates

Highland Associates is an award winning Architecture, Engineering and Interior Design company, located in New York and Pennsylvania. Highland Associates say “We are concept-driven, problem-solving professionals guided by a design process and team approach that directly involves our clients. Our goals are clear. Our commitment has resulted in many long lasting client relationships and the creation of an award winning firm.” (3)

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