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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 25th March 2014

Are you joining in the WWF Earth Hour?

This Saturday 29th March, the annual WWF Earth Hour will sweep the globe to publicise the importance of doing our bit for the earth.

Whether a small business or a whole business centre, why not get involved and make sure your lights are out this weekend? It’s a great opportunity to get involved in a project which will spread awareness and reiterate the importance of how much energy we use.

If together we can make such a change in an hour, imagine what would happen if everyone added small changes to their everyday living?

Great London landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace, The London Eye and The Houses of Parliament will flick the switch for WWF this weekend, but the charity are calling everyone to sign up, whether an individual household, a school or as an organisation.

Starting in Sydney in 2007, the event has now grown to encompass 154 countries and 7000 towns and cities around the world, with landmarks worldwide taking an early night – from the Sydney Opera House and LAX, to the Eiffel Tower.

According to the Londonist, it’s expected that 10 million Brits will take part this year, with WWF putting on a variety of events to keep you busy on Saturday from 8.30pm whilst your lights are out.

The WWF site is encouraging people to sign up, with the shocking claim that the UK alone consumes three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources.

Find out more, sign up and see who else has signed up in your area by clicking here now.

Check out this great video from WWF with highlights from around the world on 2013’s switch off.