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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
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  • 19th February 2008

Atisreal buys Leeds Agent

Atisreal has bought the 13 strong Leeds based agency Hill Woolhouse. The firm which specialises in offices, investment and out of town retail will work under the Atisreal banner from March 11th 2008.

The enlarged 38-strong team will be led by Roger Woolhouse, who originally established Hill Woolhouse with Charles Hill and Richard Dunhill in 1991.

Atisreal is one of Europe’s leading real estate consultancies, and the group has two clear objectives:

• To offer clients an effective and comprehensive range of tailor-made real estate services, and

• To develop an extensive and unrivalled network of offices across Europe.

Atisreal was originally formed during the 90’s following the acquisition of three European leaders by the Vendome Rome Group. Auguste-Thouard in France, Muller in Germany and Weatherhalls Green & Smith in the UK are the 3 companies that came together to create the Atisreal group.