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Simon O'Brian
Simon O'Brian
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 20th August 2012

Aug, Week 3 - Lacey Babai for Meri Media

Meri Media is a power in digital publishing having developed a proprietary software system for publishing digital magazines, advertisements and catalogues on the iPad and other touch-screen devices. Their clients have included such leading names as fashion gurus Alexander MacQueen and Stella McCartney, who designed the costumes for Team Britain at the Olympics.

With this sort of pedigree it was nothing less than a disaster when Meri Media found its offices in Hoxton were scheduled for demolition and they needed new suitable premises extremely quickly. They contacted agent Hatton Real Estate.

Search Office Space’s sales consultant Lacey Babai who handled the operation takes up the story. “We have developed a good relationship with Hatton so when Meri Media contacted them they immediately thought of us and referred them on. They desperately needed 18 work spaces asap – lost time was literally lost money. Luckily we were able to recommend a number of sites one of which they took. The whole deal took about a day.”

The Business Centre Meri Media took was located in Rivington Street Tech City. This is part of EC2, known for its concentration of hi-tech firms and has been called the UK’s Silicon Valley. Bath Place is a newly refurbished, peaceful cloistered courtyard building which enjoys a definite ambiance. An ambiance in keeping with Meri Media’s operational tone.

Speed of operation and quality of service have made this this deal - Deal of the Week.