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Dave Carter
Dave Carter
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 15th March 2021

Back to Reality – Prepare Your Business Now for a Return to the Office

On Monday 22nd February the UK Prime Minister announced a Roadmap to “cautiously ease Lockdown restrictions in England”, providing both hope and clarity for the future. Last week Boris Johnson dismissed the idea that lockdowns will lead to a permanent shift towards working from home, saying that he expects commuters to return to offices in a “few short months”.

So now is the time to ensure your plans to return to the office are in place and consider the options that are available.

Timeline for returning to the office

Businesses have already started cautiously returning to offices and those that haven’t are urged to make plans for a safe and timely return. With positive progress being made against the virus and a roadmap to ease restrictions in place, for those businesses who haven’t yet returned to the office we’re advising businesses to prepare now by taking these steps.

Think about how you want your team to work. Think about what the balance will be between remote and office work. Try to conclude whether you think your existing office meets your needs now and in the future. Then start your search for a new office as soon as possible or if you are remaining in your current office, decide what changes you need to make.

Once you are happy with your new arrangements, make sure you have signed a contract on your new office and make sure that any new policies or guidelines are complete.

Flexible workspaces – office solutions for the new world of work

With office space back on the agenda, we know that companies are seeking safer offices with shorter contracts, offices that provide a cost-effective base and opportunities to expand or contract as circumstances dictate. Flexible offices address this need.

Flexible offices are fully serviced and ready to move into. They can be rented for a month to six months or longer and there is no up-front capital expenditure. Flexibility is the key. Companies can avoid heavy long-term investment and can easily modify the amount of space rented.

The traditional office lease alternative holds little appeal in an uncertain world. Given the experiences of 2020, who would want hefty CapEx set-up costs and to find themselves trapped in a five or ten year rigid office lease?

Take advantage of flex space deals now

Now is a great time to get a fantastic deal on flexible office space. Offers include rent free periods, zero deposits, reduced rates and more. In some cases, you can sign a contract now and delay payments until restrictions are lifted. Office Freedom has a team of experienced property experts on hand if you need help with your situation. We’ve even helped businesses find suitable office space in as little as 24 hours.

A Good Day at the Office

We’re pleased to see all the signs pointing towards an imminent return to the office. Permanent remote working won’t suit everyone, and we can expect a more flexible approach to working practices in future, blending office and remote work. It’s time now to re-evaluate your office needs and take a closer look at a flexible workspace solution.