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Joseph Lofthouse
Joseph Lofthouse
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 27th January 2015

Beating the Office January Blues

Breathe a collective sigh and soak the sadness (or relief) in. Christmas is over, it’s a new year and that early December pay day is making January look like a long month, even if it is coming to a close. There are also other, more scientific reasons that things look a little dingier this side of the 31st.


Firstly… Natural Light

Natural light has a huge impact on health and a lack of natural light can have its fair share of health implications. The average office worker obviously spends more time than they should out of the reach of natural light and the winter months provide a certain scarcity of it.

Research has shown that too little natural light can be a contributor to poor sleep quality, disturbed sleep and general vitality. In fact, a recent study has shown that those with access to more white light exposure during work hours sleep an average of 46 minutes more per night.

Light is one of the few ways our body synchronises with our brain, without a healthy measure of it our mood is affected, our metabolism slows down and we lose sleep quality, it all adds up!

The solution? Sitting by the window can help

Secondly… Plant Life

Believe it or not, the sight of green plant life has a lot to do with our happiness as human beings. Not only that, but just being around greenery has been shown to heighten our mood. Scientists believe that apart from the visual aesthetic, we associate plant life with warmer climates and more pleasurable seasons. So even in the dead of winter, looking at that pot plant can make you feel all summery.

Also plant life can improve the quality of air in your workspace as they photosynthesize. Naturally a well-lit office is more conducive to this end, so all the more reason to follow point one and get some more light on the situation. It might be worth a visit to your local garden centre to stock up on office-friendly pot plants as well.


Thirdly, Temperature

Keeping warm is important, the low temperatures of the winter months can add to those Mid-January blues. Keeping yourself warm is imperative to mood. Keep yourself toasty heading into work and make sure that, if the office is prone to getting a little chilly, you have enough layers to get you through the day. Hot drinks also help, but I don’t think the office would be the office without the occasional cup of tea! On a side note, getting up and walking around on your break (at least once an hour) will


And finally… The Team

The weight of the world is carried across the shoulders of many. If you are anything like myself, you’ll find that some days people keep you up and other days it feels like they are underfoot. January is the time to interact and bolster spirit in the office. Little things can make the day better and it can make a huge difference to be working within a great team. Use your colleagues to lift your spirit where you can. The January pay day will be around in no time.