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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 03rd June 2011

British Land win Sustainable Business Award for Biodiversity

Last month, property development company, British Land won the Guardian Sustainable Business award for biodiversity by creating green roofs on top of London properties.

201 Bishopgate and the Broadgate Tower, located in the heart of the City of London close by to Liverpool Street are two of the major buildings involved in British Land’s green roof scheme.

British Land has made over 8, 000 sq ft of green roof areas and an additional 1, 000 sq ft of green wall space for both Broadgate Tower and 201 Bishopgate, which attracts bees, hoverflies, butterflies and other insects and birds. As a result both these buildings have a BREEAM, rating of Excellent.

The construction of the green roof terraces began at the end of 2009 and is proving to be highly successful. Rare species of bird such as the Redstart have been spotted on roofs at Regent’s Place and current occupiers, Aegis at 10 Triton Street are investigating the possibility of creating beehives on their green roof.

Green Roof benefits

Green roofs are fantastic for absorbing rainwater, providing additional insulation, lowering the city air temperatures, combating the heat island effect and sound insulation. Green technology such as solar thermal collectors may also be incorporated in the Green Roof.

Adrian Penfold, Head of Planning and Corporate Responsibility at British Land said: “There is growing evidence that sustainable buildings are more attractive to both occupiers and investors, as they are more efficient to operate and tend to age better. Understanding and investing in the needs of local communities is also a critical part of the development process, fostering economic regeneration and empowering local people.”

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