Top 6 tips when Moving Offices

It can be as, if not more stressful as moving house, and often it is inevitable. Whether it’s the upscaling move that mirrors your company’s growth, or the downsize required to maximise revenue, or even just a move to cushier premises, moving offices can be a logistical and emotional headache. So, in order to help shake off that pre-move stress, we’ve compiled a list of things to remember when moving your business.

1. Have a plan:

There are some things you can wing in life – moving is not one of them. Whether it’s moving house or office you are likely to have people looking to you for direction. A good plan allows everybody to know where they are and what they are supposed to be contributing to the process. Allocate tasks to individuals to keep the load off and keep the process running smoothly.


2. Keep your clients informed:

I had a particularly rough experience recently with a referencing process that required details from a company who was in the middle of moving offices. Even though the referencing agency had all the contact information they needed, they still failed to get hold of said business and my own personal house move was delayed – nightmare!

Make sure your clients know about your move weeks in advance, and know how to get hold of you in an emergency. Business stops for very little and there’s nothing worse than tarnished reputations through poor communication. This includes updating contact details on your website and listings sites. New customers would like to know where you are, too!


3.  Link up in advance:

It’s paramount that you sort out internet, phones and mail forwarding at the new location before you move. Arranging these ahead of time will allow your business operations to continue smoothly. Try to anticipate technical errors and mishaps. It might feel like it will only take a day to get broadband installed, but the reality is that nothing runs smoothly all the time. Better to have it ready to go than to suffer a loss of custom through the inability to communicate (see point 2).


4. Logistics:

Most office moves require some kind of vehicular movement, and parking tickets are an unnecessary nuisance. Work out in advance what needs to be moved and when. Never underestimate space, there is always more equipment than you think there is and you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief with extra space at the end, rather than running out of it.


5. Plan your space:

After a stressful few days of moving, there is nothing you need less than an argument about office layout and space. To avoid bickering, consult your team members about what they need for their workspace and allocate sections before you arrive. There will always be teething issues in a new environment, but at least with an initial floor space plan you can avoid the bigger disagreements.


6. Keep cool

You’ll be in that space soon, and you’ll want to be back on track with business as fast as possible. So as stressful as it gets, keep your cool and remember it’s only in the short term. If your team sees you keeping a level head the chances are they will too. You’ll be in that inspirational new space before you know it.


Good luck with the move!


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