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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 22nd December 2011

Business Centre Excellence Award: Winner’s Story December 2011

After much consideration, Search Office Space is delighted to award this month’s Business Centre Excellence award to Avanta’s The Media Village, Great Titchfield Street, London. This award is given to The Media Village after nominations from SOS Consultants Lee Meranda and Sheena Patel and much positive feedback from clients.

Search Office Space - BCE AwardsSearch Office Space has conducted much business with Avanta and over the years has built up a strong relationship with them. These particular offices are in a fantastic location in the heart of London and are incredibly popular with media and IT companies, perhaps due to the quirky nature of the business centre. In addition to the fantastic facilities offered, there is also an array of high class wine bars, cafes and shops nearby as well as Avanta’s privately owned Vanilla nightclub next door.

I caught up with Area Sales Manager, Sarah Ingham, who has worked at Avanta for six months, having come over to the UK from Australia. Sarah says that she enjoys working for Avanta because “I find it motivating and exciting as I am constantly faced with new challenges every day. Having lots of balls to juggle keeps me on my toes and working with a great bunch of people always makes it worthwhile. I particularly enjoy meeting a variety of new people on a daily basis and being able to find solutions to their problems with the help of my incredibly hard-working team.”

Search Office Space - BCE Awards Search Office Space - BCE Awards

The quirky nature of Avanta is certainly evident as Sarah and I sit drinking our cups of coffee amid brightly coloured chairs and vivid green walls. The building is a converted warehouse and attracts media industry types, making it a vibrant and dynamic environment to work in, according to Sarah. “One of the best things about The Media Village is that the centre is large, funky and decorated with bright colours which gives it a diverse range. There is also Vanilla nightclub next door, which is owned by Avanta and has been used in the filming of Made in Chelsea as well as playing host to Cheryl Cole’s birthday party!”

In looking to the future, Sarah says that Avanta’s main aims are to strive for bigger and better goals and to continue to keep their clients happy. “We are always looking to improve common areas as it is important that clients feel comfortable when they come to us. Our level of occupancy is high at the moment and we work hard in both retaining clients and also bringing in new business.”

Sarah and her colleagues were delighted to receive the SOS Business Centre Excellence Award (despite Sarah’s initial suspicions that SOS MD Richard Smith was joking!). “Winning this award made my day – it’s so nice to know that all our hard work has paid off, and this acknowledgment is a real morale-booster. On a personal note, this award is a lovely way to end my first year in the UK – it was almost like receiving a Christmas present!”

Search Office Space - BCE AwardsSearch Office Space - BCE Awards

Sarah and her colleagues receiving the Business Centre Excellence Award

Search Office Space would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at The Media Village, Great Titchfield Street for all their hard work and we wish them luck in the future.

Nominations for the winner of January’s Business Centre Excellence Award will be revealed soon, so make sure you check back on the SOS Blog to find out the results.

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