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Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 27th January 2014

Business Centre of the Month: Garden Studios

Each month, we recognise centres of excellence – those that inspire us by continually shooting for greatness, and that we’re proud to work with.

This month, we turned our gaze towards independent business centres – those providing a quality service without backing from large business centre operators. Establishing oneself as an independent, and remaining an office space staple through the economic difficulties faced in recent years, is no mean feat, and is something that gives us real confidence in the strengths of the serviced market.

This centre didn’t just do that – they actually grew progressively larger during the economic downturn. As one of the longest-running centres in the country, it felt only just we recognised their consistent dedication to excellence.

We’re proud to announce we’ve selected Covent Garden’s ‘Garden Studios’ as our Business Centre of the Month.

[caption id="attachment_16575" align="alignnone" width="580"]Garden Studios, Covent Garden Garden Studios, Covent Garden[/caption]

Established way back in 1985, Garden Studios came to our attention as an example of how successful an independent business centre could be some years ago. While most were undergoing self-imposed austerity in light of the recent recession, Garden Studios continued to expand, into three surrounding buildings thus far, bring the total number of offices available to a cool 85. Accommodation suits businesses of any age and ambition, with space ranging from reasonably priced to handsomely executive.

[caption id="attachment_16576" align="alignnone" width="580"]Facilities are high quality, and fantastically well-maintained. Facilities are high quality, and fantastically well-maintained.[/caption]

The team at Garden Studios are seasoned operations professionals, many of whom have been with the business centre for years. This focus on retention crosses over to Garden Studios’ client base, too, which can only be an indicator of the level of quality service provided. That many arrive on a word-of-mouth basis and upscale/downsize within the centre when necessary further alludes to this.

[caption id="attachment_16577" align="alignnone" width="580"] The centre boasts a beautiful roof terrace in the heart of London.[/caption]

We think Garden Studios is a model independent business centres should look up to – a fantastic solution with great spaces, strong customer support, and real potential for continued growth. For those reasons, we’re incredibly pleased to be recognising their achievements by naming them our Business Centre of the Month. Congratulations!

More about Garden Studios.

If you think your business centre, of the centre you occupy space in, deserves to win Search Office Space's Business Centre of the Month, send an email letting us know why to [email protected] with 'Business Centre of the Month' in the subject line.