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Leticia Baiamonte
Leticia Baiamonte
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 18th March 2015

Business Podcasts You Can’t Miss

The Washington Post has reported a resurgence of podcast popularity. Listening to an expert on their podcast is an easy way to consume and learn about a topic. Also the fact that most are free has inspired a new generation to start downloading them regularly again.

Whether you listen to them in the car, during work or even whilst exercising, here are some of the best business podcasts we’ve collected for you to sink your teeth into:

1. Office Freedom The Podcast - Flex With Richard Smith

An essential guide to everything you need to know about flexible working globally, your ultimate guide to workspace coming from over 30 years of experience in the commercial office world. Richard Smith discusses the world of offices with a factual insight into the changing landscape of how we work, the trends, and the future.

2. BBC Business Daily

Well respected, and great range of experts and a local to global view: what’s not to like about our national institution the BBC whose Daily Business podcast demystifies the world of money, examines the big issues facing the global economy, and what it means to you.

3. Mixergy

Andrew Warner interviews business gurus from all over the world about their challenges, and tips to help listeners in their own journeys. It really can be enlightening to listen to the experiences and the thinking process of other entrepreneurs, especially when they have been on the same boat as you.

The interviews have a lot of substance, so if you’re an entrepreneur trying to get a jump-start, or grow your own online business, then give Mixergy a try.

4. Entrepreneur on Fire

If you are looking for a daily business podcast, then Entrepreneur on fire, one of the most popular business podcasts online today, has got you covered. The podcast lives up to its name with a rich variety of experts and topics; it has even been praised for exploring a myriad of business topics and so, reaching a wide audience of entrepreneurs.

The host, John Lee Dumas, also shares his own successes and failures. Even the podcast’s income is displayed in detail, as a way to motivate listeners to be winners in their own business ventures.

5. HBR IdeaCast

The Harvard Business Review has long been known as a resource for business research and news, and their weekly Podcast keeps to these expected standards. The actual site requires a membership fee to read some articles, however, at the moment the podcast is free and has included past guests such as Eric Schmidt from Google, Harvard Professors, biologists and more.

6. Smart Passive Income

This podcast is a great resource for tips on how to grow your online business through marketing strategies and lifestyle changes. The show doesn’t promise miraculous get-rich-next-day schemes, instead it shows how hard work and the right strategies can take you far.

The element of variety in this podcast is also quite attractive: Pat Flynn gets actionable advice from a wealth of professionals, from animators to PE teachers.

7. The Entrepreneur’s Radio Show

Learn from success is a good maxim, so with that in mind this podcast focuses on guests that are self-made millionaires or highly successful entrepreneurs, all with the aim that their thoughts and tried ideas can help you grow your business. Recent topics include creating an emotional experience for your customers to how to harness ingenuity.