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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 08th July 2014

Cambridge top of the tables in business

In June, Cambridge was crowned champion in the Centre for Cities’ annual Small Business Outlook, praising the city for their high-growth companies.

Coming ahead of cities such as Edinburgh, Brighton, Swindon and Derby, Cambridge has proven that their start-up culture is thriving. In an article in the Cambridge News Alexandra Jones, chief executive of Centre for Cities, said, “It is only through ensuring cities are attractive and effective places to live, work and do business that we will encourage more small firms across the country to pursue the high-growth strategies that have delivered such positive results.”

This recognition is the latest in a line of positive features in the news about the growth and success of businesses in the city made famous for its globally recognised, outstanding university.

Early in the year, Cambridge was recognized for its high employment rate, and recently in a BBC article, hailed the ‘next Silicon Valley’. They looked at tech company ‘Cambridge Nanosystems’ and claim that, “Like many of the tech companies that have earned Cambridge its Silicon Fen nickname, the company has been spun out of the city's renowned university.”

We spoke in a blog earlier in the year about the pros of setting up a business in Cambridge – looking at the good transportation links, prestige of the town, pool of talented workers from the university and the reputable degree these workers possess. It was great to see that this city, so close to London, had all of the makings of a successful centre for business.

And it is great to see that these start-ups are having success, growing and gaining recognition for Cambridge as a hub for a particular industry. It was a hope at the start of the year that business was growing, but this has quickly flourished into results and we look forward to hearing more success stories as the City’s start-up businesses grow.